Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Random Thursday Thoughts


Random Thursday Thoughts

I think I'm ready for winter. The lawn is cleaned up, mostly. Toys are stacked. Gardens harvested. Meat birds butchered. Freezer is full. House is decorated for the fall and Halloween. Costumes while not completed are at least underway. I'm ready to tuck in and relax for a while. How about you?

While 'relax' is a relative term in my book any day where I am not outside working half the day is relaxing. My house is finally getting clean-ish. And house work catch up is really satisfying. I cleaned my fridge. Blech. I think peoples kids have been taken away for lesser crimes than how dirty my fridge was. I washed my windows and found out the sky was really blue out there. And all those happy dust bunnies under the couch have been sucked up. Slowly but surely I am reclaiming my house. We also HAD a mouse but it's gone now, no more details shall be given.

So what AM I going to do with all my free time? Well I need to brush up on my knitting skills, read the manual for my camera(it still sucks though), work on grants for the Waldorf inspired charter school and clean out the crap, er, craft closet. And cook, amazingly I will be cooking too.

I'm still homeschooling the boys which is fun, mostly. We play a lot and craft too which involves lots of cutting, gluing and tape. We need to buy stock in 3M soon. The boys have discovered the joy of hide and seek and tag and I love to watch them play with each other.

We have a flock of laying hens giving us about 10 eggs a day, plus a rooster and one freak who's sex is a mystery. It doesn't crow but it's twice the size of everybody else and has small bumps where the roosters spurs are located. Freak birds freak me out.

So turns out just about everybody uses their microwaves the same way, pop, thaw and reheat. And of course Michelle who makes soap in hers. Freak. Kidding! So as long as I have time and inclination I plan on keeping my life microwave free. Thing is I think people expect some sort of microwave conspiracy theory and I don't have one. I could have one but I don't. Oh well.

And holy shit I just saw a mouse! Apparently we had more than one. Or else another slipped in. We (kids not me!) have a tendency to leave doors wide open anytime of year and this time of year that is a big old "welcome mice" sign. Umm gotta go now...

Peace and Love,


  1. "Meat birds butchered" ... Now there's a phrase I don't read in everybody's blog!!

    You sure are ready for winter to set in. I'm getting there, but boy! You've been busy. Re the mouse -- If you're not adverse to killing them, we used to use this wide clothes-pin looking trap baited with a little peanut butter. It's nice because they're so easy to dispose of then. Good luck!

  2. I'm coming to live with you - and freak bird needs to be exhibited in a freak show....

  3. As winter comes so do those little critters. OH my...

  4. No not adverse to killing mice, I've had to clean up their mess when we remodeled-yuck

    Marywin-your wish is my command freak bird shall be photographed today

    Amy-Amen to that

  5. Eep! An old house of ours used to have mice - they scare the crap out of you! This house used to, but they were getting in from the garage. Clogged that hole and problem fixed!

    I wish you could mail me some of your energy Ms. Productivity!!! I'm jealous of all that you've done!

  6. I am so impressed with all your industrious pre-winter activities! Wow! You deserve some cozy restful winter months indeed!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! :-)

  7. I don't know if I'm ready for winter exactly, but I am ready for fall ... real fall with real fall temperatures. It was 75 here yesterday!?

    Your post though makes me feel cozy and almost ready for winter. :)

  8. p.s. - well, cozy except for the mouse. Blech! We're over-run with them at my office and have been so for the last month. Needless to say, I'm threatening to quit!!!

  9. Ready for winter? NEVER. NE-VER. Ever.

    So what does one do with a freak bird? I'm assuming it isn't laying. And it isn't helping procreate. It is for eating or just entertainment or?...

    And the mice? yeah... ick. We get them in our attic sometimes in the winter - I'm so tempted to toss a cat up there when I hear the scritching.


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