Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Roasted Tomato Soup and the FREAK!


Roasted Tomato Soup and the FREAK!

I had a box of grape tomatoes teetering on the edge of rotting away. I bought it last week on a whim for a bulgur salad. I used a handful and then the box got shoved to the back of the fridge. I pulled it out today because I knew it was getting close. I had to throw a few out but mostly they were good, whew. A near miss, I hate throwing away food. Or at least throwing it to the chickens.

We have been meatless on Mondays for quite a while now. I really enjoy it and so do my kids who don't care for meat too much. We eat other various meatless meals throughout the week but every Monday is meatless, unless of course it isn't.

Today was no different. And it's days like this I am so glad I am a food blogger, when I have almost 2 pounds of grape tomatoes almost rotting I know of just the recipe I want to make. I actually saw this originally on Jen Lancaster's blog Jennsylvania. I saw it two-ish years ago and filed it away. You should really go read her post, it's snort stuff out your nose funny.

Here is my version of her version of someone else's recipe.

Roasted Tomato Soup oven 400˚

1 3/4 pound of grape tomatoes or same amount of regular tomatoes
2 Tablespoons assorted herbs, I used rosemary, basically use what you like
1 medium sweet onion quarter
3 garlic cloves, crushed and minced
3 Tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper
chicken broth up to 4 cups
milk(optional if you want creamy soup, we did)

wash and dry tomatoes
toss with olive oil and pour in a 9x13 baking dish
sprinkle with herbs, salt and pepper
roast in a 400 ˚ oven until soft and slightly browned
cool slightly and remove as many skins as possible, I removed about 3 skins and it was fine
add tomatoes to a food processor pulse for thicker soup or puree until smooth (I made it smooth)or pour in to a dutch oven puree with an immersion blender (sadly I killed mine last year)
add chicken broth and or milk until it is the consistency you like**
adjust seasonings adding salt and pepper as needed
heat until hot and serve with a wedge of parmesean cheese and a box grater

**Note I discovered my box of broth was a wee bit too old so I added 2 cups plain water and milk until it was the consistency I wanted, the water was not detrimental to the soup and I only used it because I already had the tomatoes pureed and it was dinner, yikes!

As promised I have finally captured the freak chicken on film. See how he/she/it towers over everyone else? Seriously it's a giant freak chicken. I have decided to quite calling it the freak and have switched to Big Red. I didn't want my kids to think anyone who isn't cookie cutter like everyone else was a freak. But in my head?


Behold the freak, er Big Red in the back there. See the normal girls in front that's Goldy and one of the Supremes in there too. And then it, lurking back there, it could be a turkey sized bird soon.

ahh freak is coming run run run!!!

Peace and Love,


  1. Great post. Love the crazy freak bird.

  2. Nice save on the tomatoes!!

    That's a big chicken. I don't think I've seen them that big. Average size yes, but never that big. I remember my cousin the Philippines has a chicken for a pet.

  3. Thanks Amy!!

    Jenn I know I hate wasting food!
    It is freakishly big hunh?!?

  4. OMG, the freak is making me LOL! Yikes!

    And that soup looks amazing. Want. It. Now! So perfect for our miserable, rainy weather this week. Yum!


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