Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: It's Been 3 weeks


It's Been 3 weeks

So for the last three weeks my life has been crazy. Here's a little recap:

1. 3 days before Halloween everyone (except me) got sick with a nasty stomach flu

2.which crushed our 2 littlest boys because we refused to help them spread the ick by taking them trick or treating

3.we attempted to make up for our evilness by having a Ultimate Star Wars-a-thon

4.this worked for one little boy but the other spiraled down into serious screaming and crying and grabbing his ear, we decided late in the day to hit the local instant care center only to have them all closed for the holiday

5.which left us one option, Emergency Room which is normally not an option for us but in light of the illness we were already dealing with we decided to go to the ER, 1500 dollars lighter we had a diagnosis, massive ear infection and a bonus-pink eye!! Have you ever held down a screaming crying 42 pound wildebeest and attempt to administer burning eye drops, twice a day? No? Well then you my friends are NOT living the good life

6.recovery, recovery, recovery hopefully in time to leave on our first ever plane trip with the little boys to sunny California

7.leave early exactly one week after the barfing began, only to have it continue, on the plane, on me and in a restaurant, not fun

8.that passed and we had a whirlwind 4 days in San Francisco where I attended the AWESOME FoodBuzz festival-side note I had so much fun meeting tons of awesome bloggers, drinking some kick ass beer (Magnolia, best beer ever, although others (Janet) thought Rogue Beer was cuter, er em better) I think I had a residual food and booze hangover for at least 2 days

9.but thankfully I got to spend those days at an AMAZING hostel on the coast, Pigeon Point Lighthouse, run by Hosteling International is a wonderful place to kickback and relax, we played on the beaches in and around Pescadero and Half Moon Bay

10.we traveled by Amtrak Coastliner from San Jose to Anaheim

we were a little excited

11.where we met Blue Grandma for an 6 day stay at the Disneyland Hotel, wow who needs a theme park or 2 when you have so many other things going on? OK we do and we loved it, especially after we figured out mr. tough 4 year old was not so tough and needed the kiddie rides, cool with me-I did take the 6 year old on California Screamin' their big roller coaster, he screamed and cried the whole way, got off and said “that was the BEST ride”

12.we played, ate, rode rides, swam in the pool, smashed pennies, ate, watched parades, and rode 'it's a small world' too many times to count direct quote by the 4 year old “ that is good, good, good, good, good, good, great, good, good, good, great!”

13.we sadly left the good life behind, from +80˚ to -20˚, life is just not fair sometimes

As you can see we had a crazy busy 3 weeks and somehow Thanksgiving is right around the corner. How in the world did that happen?

I do want say I met so many awesome amazing bloggers at the FoodBuzz eat-a-thon, thanks for all the fun and the many many drinks consumed together. I am slowly digging my way out from under mt. laundry and the dirty house that accompanies a male house sitter. I will be by to visit your blog. I think somewhere some way I actually have some blurry photos of the festival and if any are appropriate I will be posting them along with as much of a round up as I can remember. The inappropriate ones are available for a small price. HA!

Peace and Love,

my boys also became padawans (jedi knights in training)so any dark side evilness can take a hike


  1. Hope everyone is well on their way to feeling better.

    Sounds like you enjoyed your trip, Im glad.

    Cant wait to hear bout who you met at Foodbuzz. Reading between the lines, bet you had a great old time.

  2. Glad to have you back.. Sounds like you had a great time. I hope everyone is feeling better.

  3. Sounds like an absolute adventure! We missed you :o)

  4. What an amazing vacation!! Glad you and the kids had a good time despite the barffest. I sure am bummed I couldn't see you while you were here. :-( By the way, I don't recommend swine flu to anyone. Take precautions! Be paranoid about hand washing! Get the vaccine!

  5. My goodness, you've had quite the adventure!

    #5- does the husband count as a wildebeast? If so then I HAVE LIVED! ha ha!

  6. Welcome back, Laura! I've missed you sooo much! And I'm still crying over the fact that I missed the eat-a-thon ... which sounds like it was also a drink-a-thon! Ugh. Next year for sure, that's a promise!

    Meanwhile, it sounds like such a wonderful vacation. Love the pics! I don't envy you the return to reality ... all that laundry and cleaning ... its enough to make your head spin. Good luck with it all and so glad to have you back!

  7. Ha!!

    Hey, I am an equal opportunity beer drinker!

    So glad you had a good rest of your trip!

  8. $1500???? What the hell kind of ERs do you have there? I think my most expensive (uninsured) was $400. Wow!

    The trip looks absolutely freaking awesome. I'm jealously pining over the light house hostel pics - the coolest!!! You guys look adorbale on the train and Disney is always a blast!!


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