Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Winner Takes it All


Winner Takes it All

I'm going to give you a hint about our wellness status: I'm still not cooking. And we leave in oh 31 hours or so for our first family trip. First time on an airplane for our little boys. San Francisco. Disneyland. Drive down the coast. Big excitement. And blarfy boys. I'm having fears of crying and airsick bags on airplanes. It's so bad I had a dream I was with my ex-husband (oh hell no) and was stuck outside a fake version of Disneyland. I'm thinking I am a little apprehensive about this trip. Plus then again I have all the fears I had for BlogHer Food, big ass (check), a zit(not yet!) or I am a total hick (I am) so to put it lightly I am a bundle of nerves and nervousness.

I think we are going to be OK. With such a great trip planned how can we not have a grand time, right? I am psyching myself out and I think I'll find that just like at BlogHer Food if I can just be myself and relax, all will be well. The rest is just hanging with my kids and my (real) husband and playing. I can do that. I do it everyday. So. Breathe deep. Here we go.

And if any of you weirdo stalkers think now is a good time to bust in because we're not at home, know this, we have:
  • a house sitter
  • A mean ass kickin' rooster
  • A hormonal teenager who "can't miss school!!!"
  • A silent but deadly yellow lab
And if none of those deter you and you still need to steal our stuff help your self to all of our used appliances especially the 1978 electric range and the 1984 refrigerator. I mean really help yourself. (OK don't that was a joke)

Yes we do have a winner too! Our winner is number 4! Jods who said :

"Dude. I love mustard. I suppose I'd take both if I had a choice, but if I could only pick one, mustard all the way!

And yes. I'm a follower. :)"

Congratulations Jodie!

So Jodie drop me an email or DM on twitter with your snail mail address and I'll have Karen send it right out! Thanks to everyone who played along.

Peace and Love,


  1. I'm praying right now that this sickness will be done with today! so that you won't worry when your preparing tomorrow. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Everything will be just fine! You all will have a wonderful trip, with no barfing!

    Have a great time at Foodbuzz. I wish I could be there too. Just couldn't swing another cross country trip so soon. Please give my regards to Ryan and everyone else.

    Be safe!

  3. Oh no, the sickness abides?! I'm sending some magic healing vibes your way and wishing you all a magnificent trip, Laura!

    The Foodbuzz deal is going to be fantastic! Especially since you already know some folks and, well, its an eat-a-thon!! :)

    You are most certainly not a hick, you're a kick ass woman and an awesome blogger. So, so sad I won't be there with you this weekend. :(

    Bon voyage and have a wonderful, healthy trip!! I'll miss you.

  4. good luck on the trip! I hope everybody's feeling better by then and you have a blast!

    I worry about the same thing when mentioning we're going out of town -- I don't want ppl to realize "oh hey, their house is sitting there empty!"

  5. Have a fun time. Stop by and enter my giveaway before you leave...

  6. Fingers crossed everyone is healthy and you have a great time! Vacations always seem to bring out the icky germs, don't they?


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