Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Blogiversary Giveaway, (hint it's chocolate)


Blogiversary Giveaway, (hint it's chocolate)

Today is THE DAY. My one year blog anniversary, a blogiversary if you will. But I (being me) have decided to celebrate in the best way, I'm giving away chocolate! So if you will, please refer to this momentous event as the "One and Only Queen of All ChocoPalooza Blogiversary Giveaway". Or if you prefer you can just call it the "Big Ass Giveaway". Either one is fitting but you pants won't be! HA!

Here's the goods:

another view

Scharffen Berger Baking chocolate, Toblerone fruit and nut bar, Lara Bar chocolate coconut bar, Newman's Own Chocolate Alphabet Grahams, a Green and Black bar, Milk Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Moose Sucker from Alaska Wild Berry, a Lindt Gold Reindeer (love!!), Dove Milk Chocolate bar, Chocolove Cherries and Almond bar, Scharffen Berger chocolate folio, Enviro Kids by Natures Path Leapin' Lemurs Chocolate/Peanut Butter cereal and a box of Andes Peppermint Crunch mints...WHO LOVES YOU?!?!?! And you don't even have to write a blog to enter just read mine!

Here's the details:(its easy I promise no flaming hoops to jump through unless of course you want flaming hoops then you can have them)

-just leave a comment to enter, even if you don't have a blog leave me a comment and send me an email. This is open to US residents only!

-of course all my loyal followers get an extra entry, leave ANOTHER comment

-if you follow me on twitter that's worth an entry, leave ANOTHER comment

-any elves who helped spread the word about the green white elephant gift exchange just email your totals how many blog posts got a shout out and how many tweets you did and I'll put those comment entries in for you

-if you mention the Big Ass Giveaway on your blog leave me a link as a comment and that counts too, leave ANOTHER comment with the link in it though

The “One and Only Queen of All ChocoPalooza Blogoversary Giveaway” or the “Big Ass Giveaway” Runs from the moment this post goes up until Tuesday at Midnight my time. I want to mail this out soon so be ready to win and help me get all this chocolate out of my house.

Here are some highlights from my first year of blogging:

we had a month of 40 below weather

I had ankle surgery but people were really more interested in the Mexican Crockpot Lasagne

I did a mid winter homemade versus storebought smackdown

I grew all my vegetables and flowers from seed
baby chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese graced our house, garage and yard basically they ran the show

I learned how to make cheese and a siberian boar strolled through our yard

my flowers, vegetables and property were gorgeous

we caught a lot of fish, no seriously A LOT OF FISH

we made cookies for the fair

I went to San Francisco, alone

we harvested vegetables, fruits and birds

I went to San Francisco, Pescadero and Disneyland, not alone

I cooked my own home grown turkey and it was the best

All in all it has been a fantastic year writing my blog. I have loved every minute of it. And in writing my blog I have found all of your blogs which have inspired me, made me laugh and even brought me to tears. Thank you.