Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Brrreautiful



Oh the weather outside is frightful

but inside it's quite delightful

since we've no place to go, let it blow, let it blow, let it blow

Think of us this weekend as we face a weather report of 60 mph north winds. Better yet think of hungry people, leave a comment to help feed them and have yourself a merry little weekend.

Peace and Love,


  1. Looks just beautiful to me. We are having the complete opposite day, 85 degrees and sunny. Your day looks a lot more like Christmas :)

  2. You've definitely got yourself a white Christmas. Lovely pics.

  3. Brrrr, I can feel my toes shriveling up in that snow from here! Your thermometer cracks me up, the range of measurement, that is. Just how warm does it get there in the summer? It is so beautiful outside, and even more beautiful inside, what a pretty tree!! I hope you are enjoying your cozy home, it looks stuffed full of love.

  4. The snow is gorgeous! It's 65 degrees her today- feels like spring.

  5. You've definitely shown us the beauty in the season!

  6. Whoa, that is cold. Beautiful, but cold.


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