Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Green White Elephant Reveal, Isn't it Ironic UPDATED


Green White Elephant Reveal, Isn't it Ironic UPDATED

Today is the day! The big reveal, when everyone who participated in my Green White Elephant Gift Exchange reveals their goodies. Oh my it has been lots of fun hearing from people and who got what. Please check out the bloggers who participated to see for yourself what great little gifts found new homes.
But first I want to say a word or two about irony. First I should give you what I believe to be the most fitting definition of irony for my situation that I have found. According to Websters online dictionary irony definition 3A1: incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result. Another way to look at irony or an ironic situation is to think of Alanis Morrisette's song Isn't ironic?"it's a black fly in your Chardonnay, it's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife, it's like meeting the man of your dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife" It's like throwing a blogger gift exchange and not getting your present. And may I just say this now and for the record, I know this blogger, I trust this blogger and I know she mailed the present.

Ironic. It's like throwing a blogger gift exchange and then remembering later that you are saddled with the worst contract mailman in the history of the USPS. I swear this guy throws a dart at his route on a dart board and that's where he delivers to that day. It's never a schedule. Or daily. And uh God forbid you put a letter IN the box to go out, because he wouldn't deign to touch mail. That is ironic, no? This is the mailman who left my son's stereo system sitting in the back of the post office for 5 weeks and "forgot it" THEN left us a first notice to pick it up with the original received date on it and wrote "been here for 5 weeks!" on the pick up slip. Oh I have complained and I will be complaining again. SO I have no reveal today but sooner or later I will have one or the hide of contract carrier. **Insert evil grin here.** Or both.

Onwards! This is the list of bloggers who participated. Please check them out, leave a comment and enjoy their writing!

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OK I have one more piece of irony for you. I live next to the stop sign that everybody runs. No one ever stops and I feel like I am constantly watching cars roar through the intersection. I have called parents of kids who run it. I shake my fist at them and have been known to occasionally raise a broom in anger (I take after my Grandmother that way). These stop sign runners are the BANE of my peaceful outdoor existence. So here is the irony: I'm admiring my tree tonight, also avoiding writing about irony when I look beyond the tree and see a car practically float through the intersection. Then it slammed on the brakes. Turned in our driveway. And my son was home. Yes the SAME son who has witnessed my screaming, spit flinging stop sign runners hissy fits. THAT same son ran the stop sign. Ironic.

Oh cans/candy canes for comments is over!! I'll tally it up later my brain is fried! I also have some more quick and easy Christmas presents for kids. And a Buche de Noel. Then? I NAP!

We also celebrated Winter Solstice today by having a small bonfire and beating on some drums. I even pulled out my mandolin and plucked out a few small tunes. I need lessons but it is still fun. We got about 6 hours of ambient light today, no direct sun, we had cloud coverage. Usually we have 4 hours of the sun skipping behind the mountains and about 1 hour on either side of brighter sky.

Peace and Love,

UPDATE: so it looks as if only 2 bloggers got their gifts...hmmmm I'd like to know if anybody else got theirs but they HAVE TO CHECK THEIR EMAIL for that to happen. **sigh**


  1. Aww poor Laura! I hope your present doesn't sit in the back of the post office for 5 weeks! My parents have a horrible USPS worker too, once he left my mom's piano inventory (she's a teacher) in the rain by the GARAGE'S SIDE DOOR. It was supposed to be signed confirmation. Then another time we were driving along and in b/w their house and the neighbors (the houses are kind of far apart) we saw a box just sitting on the side of the road. My mom pulls over the car and it was addressed to ME. Like--- I'm telling you, just opening sitting in the grass on the side of the road, a good 100 feet from our mailbox. We figured they forgot to deliver it until they'd passed us, then tossed it out the window. Sheesh!

  2. I will do my post when I get my package. My mail man is pretty good. The other day though they sent out a mail man to just send out the boxes. I know it should be here soon.

  3. I'm looking forward to receiving my package. When I do, I'll blog about it!

    Hope yours somes soon- like sometime before February!

  4. Laura, I'm heartbroken about your gift! It is ironic, but also a bummer! :(

    I hope it will arrive pronto so you can share in the festivities that you've created! I've enjoyed the exchange so much and have just opened my gift and written my post. Its up now and you can see the beautiful Christmas towels and lovely stocking ornament that Heather sent to me. She knit the ornament herself!! I'm so touched by her gifts and so happy to have been a part of this. Thank you SO much for sponsoring it. You ROCK! And Heather ROCKS too! :)

    Looking forward to reading the rest of the entries. Happy Holidays to all!


  5. What's going on?? I FedExed my gift to Mo Diva early last week. It should have been there the next day. I do have the receipt, so please let me know if you hear from her that she didn't receive it. :(

    I'll be here tomorrow but leaving early Thursday morning for the holiday.

  6. I got my present!! I'll be posting about it soon (when I can get my camera to cooperate and upload pictures onto my computer).

    The poor person I got will be getting her present tomorrow. I, too, have the worst mailman in history...and the box got returned to me YESTERDAY! Phooey on him; I sent it FedEx today!

  7. Well if this isn't a nice little focus group to see how shitty our USPS workers are! I can't believe this many packages still haven't arrived!

    Glad to see you got yours Cole! I also kept my receipt - I never trust them!

  8. OK I think Christina has a point :) I mailed mine on a Saturday and she got it Monday so somewhere their system works.

    Well hold tight ladies I know things get clogged up and with winter storms happening too they could be anywhere anytime. Oh well it's the spirit right?
    Cole I'm sorry your guy sucks too but glad to hear at least you got it back. My friend ordered from ebay and the package made it here and then *poof* gone! The USPS said not our problem. SO frustrating!

    Oh and Amy? Heather got here goodies but she is at her parents w/slow to no internet you can understand right :)
    But she absolutely loved her goodies!

  9. Laura, sorry about your mailman. Reminds me of my other Laura friend who lives in NM, her postman - or one of them - dumped several bags of mail in an arroyo. They have to go to town to mail things and never receive things. It took 5 months for my birthday card to reach her. Le sigh.

    But my mailman is great and I loved getting my mysterious box from dear Amy! And, slightly late but still within the deadline, I got my package off to dear Diva! Thank you for organizing such a fun exchange, I really enjoyed some reading new blogs to me and seeing what others received. I am ecstatic with my goodies and despite my mom's ancient pc managed to blog about them last night.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  10. Ohhh that does not sound like a mail situation I could deal with well... nor the stop sign running. ;) Fingers crossed the rest of Christmas-y things go more smoothly for you! I can't wait to hear about the bouche du Noel!


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