Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Super Secret Winners!


Super Secret Winners!

Weeks and weeks ago I was contacted by My Blog Spark and was asked if I wanted to participate in a 'spark'. I always enjoy trying products for several reasons:
  • it's nice to step outside my comfort zone
  • it eases the food bill a bit
  • I might find something fantastic
  • I get to give stuff away, usually
I was asked to try out two different products; one was Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and the other was Progresso Panko. They arrived on the same snowy day delivered by a poor Fed-Ex guy who looked like he was ready to go home. It was crazy busy before Christmas but I found time to make homemade Hot Pockets for a pack of feral teenagers who actually declared them better than Hot Pockets. It was a simple quick snack to whip up for them, one of many that night, and I'll be making them again for kids.

Mom's Hot Pockets oven 375˚
1 cup of barbecue beef
16 crescents rolls

to assemble flatten each crescent roll to make an even triangle
top with one Tablespoon of barbecue beef
fold over and crimp edges with a fork
repeat with remaining dough and beef
bake 12-16 minutes until toasty brown and heated through
cool for a few minutes before calling teens to come and eat

The Panko was something I had cooked with before and I really like it to use it. The crispy crunch it gives to fried or baked foods is always a hit in my house. I wanted to make something not so fried last night but still with a crunch, not always an easy task. I ended up making Crab Cakes a la Laura. I have never made crab cakes before, I'm always making salmon patties because, well because, we always have lots of salmon to eat up. So crab it was. I used canned crab because I had some, that foul imitation stuff makes me gag, and real crab is too expensive for crab cakes.
These are super simple and the kids loved them. Go figure!

Crab Cakes

1 can of crab meat, drained and give it a quick rinse too
2 ounces of cream cheese
2 Tablespoon of dried dill weed
salt to taste
pepper to taste
3/4 cup Panko breab crumbs+more for the outsides
1 Tablespoon oil for frying
1 Tablespoon butter

stir together the crab, cream cheese, dill and Panko
taste for salt and pepper, add as needed
heat oil in a large heavy frying pan over medium heat
meanwhile pat into 8 patties and gently press both sides in Panko
when the oil is hot but not smoking
gently set the patties in the pan and cook to golden brown, flip and cook other side
serve while hot for best flavor

Even my little boys, who have proclaimed themselves to be vegetarians, ate these like they were going out of style. I served them with all kinds of unholy leftovers that really didn't go together but needed to be eaten.

And of course you all probably really want to know what I mean by Super Secret Winners right?
Well anyone who commented on my "Cans For Comments" posts last was entered to win either the Progresso Panko Pack or the Pillsbury Crescent Roll Pack from me, My Blog Spark, Progresso and Pillsbury. This is the Progresso pack one of you will win:

and the Pillsbury pack includes 2 coupons for Crescent Rolls and 3 beautiful white oval platters. Wish I had a picture but for some reason My Blog Spark doesn't have one for you.

So the winners are:

Michelle of Honest and Truly-A hilarious true to life blog that always makes me smile


Sandy AKA Doris the Great at Aging Disgracefully!

Thanks for all your comments and helping bring so much food to the Salvation Army Food Bank. Ladies email me with your address' so I can have these yummy prizes sent right out.

I am posting this to Tackle it Tuesday over at 5 Minutes for Mom. I don't think it's exactly what they had in mind but I'm taking liberties and saying this was a post I NEEDED to tackle. Think of it in a blog cleaning/getting things sort of way and squint one eye up real tight and then you'll see that it does indeed fit. Sort of.

Peace and Love,

oops per ftc regs free product, information, and gift packs have all been provided by Pillsbury and Progresso through MyBlogSpark.


  1. Congrats to your winners.. I love crab cakes..

  2. Whoo! Very cool, Laura :) I love super secret winning!

  3. Congrats to your winners and I am laughing bout your boys comments that they are vegetarians.. are they serious, how cute!!

  4. Ha! not funny Donna :) they really hate meat and because we don't eat a lot of it they are mostly vegetarian. We FORCE them to eat 3 bites of it by promising them they can have more veggies. Freaks I tell ya!

  5. I like your crab cakes. Did you notice our winner was announced finally?

    Congrats to your winners too.

  6. Oh how exciting!! A secret contest! I love that idea Laura! Congrats to the winners, that's an awesome prize pack!

    Love the "homemade" hot pockets. I'll never hear them and not think of Jim Gaffigan for the rest of my life!


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