Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Yes Christmas was grand


Yes Christmas was grand

We ate.

We played.

It was good.

For once we didn't dump loads of stuff on each other that we don't really want or need. We got a lot of books, a new vacuum (Dyson) my last one was 10 years old (!), some legos and hotwheels tracks. Oh, and I got a Le Creuset frying pan, check it:
Iron Handle Skillet, 11 ¾"
Yep my man rocks. I got him a pair of Keens, a sharpening steel and the first knife in a good knife set, you know for butchering. We are kind of practical in the gift giving department, if you can't tell.

It was sweet, lots of homemade gifts and relaxing. Last year I decided to go all out on Christmas and make a rib roast for 10 people, not this year. We hit the easy button and said bring appetizers only, no cooking allowed. It was perfect. Except I ate too much, we all did but that's nothing new. In fact we are still eating leftovers. Now I'm going to waddle off and eat more leftovers, by candlelight so we can still enjoy the season.

Peace and Love,


  1. I'm with ya on the practical. Among the gifts that I wanted that I didn't get: a watch to replace the one I have with a cracked face (a $9.99 watch is just fine by me), a new garbage can, a cookie dough baller (ok so that's sorta fun), and a new teapot. What can I say? :)

    Glad you had a good -- and relaxing -- Christmas!

  2. Sounds awesome. Love the appetizer idea.

    Have you gotten your gift yet? I have not.


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