Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: If you agree to an exchange you are obligated


If you agree to an exchange you are obligated

I just sent a snarktastic email to the Christmas exchange participant who could NOT manage to fulfill her obligations. Please it is not mandatory to participate in every interesting thing but if you can't say no then you should follow through. Like a repsonsible adult. Or send an email. Or respond to emails. I am a forgiving and understanding person, I will go out of my way to help people I don't know, I will volunteer until I collapse. I try to be a good person.

I thought about it a decided to NOT post the email I wrote it is mean, nasty and hateful. I don't regret writing it for one minute. I don't need to air my evilness here. I stand by what I wrote but it was only intended for one person to read.

I was raised to:

Do what you say.
Say what you do.

Apparently some people were not, maybe they were raised to think the world revolved around them. Man I hope I'm not raising my kids like that because I think that's a real problem in the world today. ME ME ME




  1. Agreed! It just reeks of selfishness and immaturity. Sending an email takes less than one minute, which would be especially courteous and considerate to somebody who just sent you a gift. (or you agreed to send a gift to)

    And Laura I don't think your boys will have the ME ME ME complex, since their mommy has morals and manners and is making sure to pass that on!

  2. I have to agree with you. If you say your going to do something then do it. If you can't just be honest and don't hide. That irritates me too as it happened in a yahoo group I was in.

  3. I've had that happened to me many times too. What was that saying "What goes around comes around". Karma is a thing to be feared. Well not exactly, but it does have it's ups and downs, if catch my drift.

  4. Amen! So frustrating about the degradation of society's manners. We can only tolerate so much. I'm sorry you had to write such a mean spirited letter, but I'm sure that it had to be said.

  5. very well said though you know how I would have lived to read that email :-)

    ha ha!


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