Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: It finally got here!!


It finally got here!!

Lets hear it for the USPS people; 3 weeks later a small parcel from Texas made it's way here via donkey cart through Tajikistan, carrier pigeon through Russia and a hopelessly lost dog musher here in Alaska. Whew! What a trip it's had.

And what did this package contain? My green white elephant gift exchange present from Monica at Lick the Bowl Good. And what did my present contain? Mmmm a wonderful mix of delicious things I would never buy for myself. Roll on Ginger perfume, Invigorating scrub in the same ginger flavor, (er scent), a beautiful journal and a gold mini photo album. Plus each of the 2 little packages came wrapped with a little adorable red mitten! How did she know me so well? I love the little mittens and they will probably hang on my tree forever. Now if I could just think of something to write about...

Last night we had Falafel made from a mix, Fantastic Foods I believe, and gee they were so good. Simple too. You just mix it with the required water, let it set for a while about 15 minutes then roll in balls and pan fry. While it was resting I whipped a bowl full of Nancy's plain yogurt with some feta, dill and a pinch of mint for a great sauce. I served them in pita pockets with the sauce, some chopped lettuce and thinly sliced Mezzettas Sweet Banana Wax Peppers. It was a really great little sandwich we all loved. And we had tater tots, my kids love these things so I relent and buy them once in a while. I actually cooked them on preheat so they got broiler-ish action on the top and bottom, they were fantastically crispy and actually good. I did NOT just write that!

Check out 365 In to see how we are doing on our challenge. Hint: we haven't caved yet!

Peace and Love,


  1. OMG I looove your new journal and the mini mittens. Haha I call them "flavors" too, instead of scents.

    We've had that falafel mix too!!! Also in pita's, and I too whipped up a yogurt sauce! We're twins! :)

  2. Merry Christmas, Laura! LOL :)

    Seriously, though, what an awesome gift box! And those mittens are so sweet. I'd hang the right on the tree too.

    Btw, I'm glad to see I'm not the only who still has her tree up. ;)

  3. Christina Mental Twins I KNOW!!!

    Diva you know I'm keeping it until the 6th Epiphany :) besides it's too much work!! kidding!!

  4. What a lovely bunch of gifts! Monica chose perfectly!

  5. Love the gifts! Especially the new journal!

  6. Mmm. Ginger stuff. Good thing I can't get my hands on ginger deodorant, otherwise I'd be licking my armpits all day.

    And the falafel? My favorite thing on the planet. I try and make it at least once or twice a month...

  7. Wow what a trip your package had. I know mine is on a trip too. I will post it up when I get it. Have a great day.. Round Robin is Friday just letting you know.

  8. I'm glad you got your gift- finally! Seriously 3 weeks? I maile it on the 18th??? crazy! I've yet to receive mine. It must be in Antarctica somewhere :-)

    Youcan use the journal to keep a log of what recipes you want to make next.


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