Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Vegetarian Pate


Vegetarian Pate

This is based loosely on Mollie Katzen's Walnut Pate. I say loosely because the only way it resembles her recipe is because it contains feta, olives and nuts. I was craving some Walnut Pate today after feasting on it last weekend at a party. Of course my cabinets held no walnuts OR greek olives. I did have green olives and pecans and that's where I started from.

Vegetarian Pate
1/2 cup pecans, toasted and cooled
1/4 cup green olives
1/2 roasted red peppers
3/4 feta cheese crumbles
**2 Tbsp olive oil-optional-or to taste
In the bowl of a food processor add the pecans, olives and peppers
pulse to grind
then add the feta process until texture is to your liking
add olive oil only you prefer it to be thinner
serve with celery sticks, carrot disks, cucumber slabs or pita chips

It was completely different form the Walnut Pate I had last weekend but still filled the salty, creamy, dippy void I had. I will definitely be making the original whenever I get around to remembering to buy walnuts.

An impromptu painting project popped up today. I have a small nook in my kitchen with book shelves in it, where I keep my cookbooks. I finally got tired of it being painted a different color than the rest of my kitchen (pay no mind to the fact that I have NO CEILING only floor joists and floor above the kitchen) so I tackled it. It turned out great but lead to another gutting project, my cookbooks! I have been giving them the evil going over and have eliminated at least 5 of them. I'd like to get it 5 more out of here but I'm not sure if I can part with any more.

Peace and Love,



  1. Ugh having trouble leaving a comment this morning!!! Said this looks delicious, would love to try w/ crisp celery. I too have many cookbooks - a whole cabinet full (darn thrift stores) but can never clear any out!!

  2. weird!?! was it my blog or your computer?

  3. I also collect cookbooks and can't seem to part with any. I tell myself it is the only thing I "collect" so if it keeps growing, oh well!

  4. I have a hard time getting rid of cookbooks but I managed last week to call out 4 of them!

  5. I have such a hard time getting rid of cookbooks. I own about 30 and rarely use them anymore.


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