Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Candied Orange Peel 2.0


Candied Orange Peel 2.0

A few weeks ago I posted a recipe for an orange upside down cake and candied orange peel. I had over cooked the orange peel by, oh about an hour or so and while it was good it wasn't what I wanted. Then I tried a different recipe from a Martha Stewart Everyday Cooking magazine, I used grapefruit peel as called for, followed the recipe exactly and it turned out horribly sour. I took the 2 recipes and combined the best elements and finally came up with ultimate nibbling treat made from waste.

Still sick-ish, cranky, grumpy, trying to learn to knit socks, organizing, decluttering and momming, I spent the rest of the day after I volunteered at school cleaning out our crap er, craft closet. That was fun, like pulling porcupine quills from your dog's nose fun or telling boy #3 it's time for his shots at the shot clinic and having to pull him out from under the table fun. The results are amazing though! This place is really starting to shape up. I got a question yesterday about getting organized and I'll be answering it tomorrow. If you have any questions feel free to ask away and I'll try to help you out, might end up helping me out too.

Candied Orange Peel
peels of 3 oranges-you can just save them in container in the fridge until you have 3
1 cup sugar
1 cup water

in a sauce pan bring some water to a boil
reduce heat and add the orange peels, poke them down in the water
simmer for 20 minutes, turning them over several times
pour water out, add more water bring it up to a boil again
reduce heat simmer 5 minutes
repeat 1 more time
remove from the water to cooling rack over a plate or bowl to catch drain off
meanwhile pour out the remaining water in the sauce pan
cool and drain for at least 30 minutes
carefully cut the white pith off the skin
it should be really soft at this point and come off easily
a very sharp knife makes this job a pleasure
if you want strips or chunks decide now and cut them accordingly
in the same sauce pan mix up a simple syrup from the equal parts sugar and water
stir until the sugar dissolves
bring to a low boil then reduce heat
add the orange peel and simmer 40 minutes
turning and poking the peel down as needed
remove to the same rack and let cool and dry
sprinkle with additional sugar if desired
store in a cool dry place

We left ours on the counter and just slowly picked at it until it was gone. I did snip up a piece for use in muffins but forgot to add it in. You can use it for a garnish on cheesecakes or dip it in chocolate but we prefer to nibble it as we go about getting the house organized.

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  1. I've never attempted to candy my own orange peels but I love dipping them in chocolate or just nibbling on them plain. YUM!


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