Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: .:Craft-licious Weekend:.


.:Craft-licious Weekend:.

 A really great part of getting organized is feeling like I don't have "THINGS I NEED TO DO" looming over me all the time. That sliding pile of junk to be filed is gone, guilt inducing magazine boxes, eliminated and the absolute disgusting-ness of my under sink cabinet where my cleaning supplies live is no longer cause for red cheeks. I can relax after my boys are in bed and actually DO things I want to do. I have patched everyone's jeans, which has led to a patch-knees-as-soon-as-we-buy-them policy because then it's done when there is jean left to patch. I have actually knitted my own hat, which incidentally has a dropped stitch halfway down and now a big hole. I made my littlest boys wrist warmers that fit under their mittens and up their sleeves. I am designing a craft studio, where I can work peacefully although now the table works fine because my boys get all cranked up to 'play crafts' when I sew. I don't mind that!

Wrist warmers without mittens are perfect for break-up, with cold temps and sun you never really know what to wear. Besides sometimes you just need your fingers to play! Here they are in action:

 I actually dug out the mending basket, discovered that no one fit those clothes anymore, oops. Those became the rag rug I actually finished today. Which is a miracle in and of itself, I finished something. I love the finish and I never feel good about something until I'm done with it. Having all the"THINGS I NEED TO DO" looming over me, I seemed to start projects and never finish them due to the guilt (or another weird un-nameable feeling) of doing something fun while real work stacked up around me. Does that make sense? Crafting/creating is pleasurable therefore it must not be real work? I don't know. What I do know is that since getting a whole load of things actually done above and beyond the usual grind has led to recent creative outbursts. I am not complaining.

So today I finished the braided rag rug, I braided the 1-2 inch wide strips sitting right at my sewing machine so I could easily add a new strip as needed. Once I had a braid about a mile long, I got sick and had birthday/valentine/fundraiser weekend, so it had to wait until this week. I started coiling and lacing the rug and that took about 6 hours of work, done over 3 days. I had a good friend Jenn come over yesterday and while she knitted our boys played, all six of them. Yes people she has TWO sets of twins, 6 and 3, lovely little boys and my kids love them. I'm not sure how much actual work we got done but the pleasure of hanging out and creating was the real payoff. I finished about two hours ago with the lacing of the rug, which is basically going through each loop of each braid and lacing it to the one next to it. Fun work with a split on my thumb that I seemed to stab repeatedly with a dull needle, better than sharp I'm sure but it still was painful.

I took a huge step yesterday. HUGE. Despite never watching TV, besides the few netflix we get, we were still paying for basic service. Why? Because the thought to cancel never crossed my mind, because the thought of having NO reception was kind of terrifying, because it would seal our freakdom. For whatever reason I finally canceled it, the lady at the cable company seemed surprised and flustered when I canceled it, but it's off now and I feel great.

Now I am designing a bag to hold the zither I found out thrifting and I am designing !!!close your ears any males!!! re-useable sanitary napkins. I see them on etsy and I know I can make them, I just need to do it. And before next week would be awesome!


The crafty spate is continuing. I'm going to compile a book of studio ideas so I can have a place besides the table to make a mess. Where everything is and I know where it is because I put it there. Not that I can keep people out though because wherever I go they come too. Hmmm maybe we need to make the studio on our main floor with a work table for everyone. We'll start by moving the TV to the trash bin.

 Peace and Love,




    The wrist warmers are awesome! I hate cold wrists. I actually buy gloves that go about 6" up my forearms to avoid that problem. Cool solution!

    I love the braided rag rug! It makes me think of home. Both my grandmother and mom used to make those. My mom's were about doormat sized, but my grandma made a HUGE one - I'm talking like 12'x8' oval! It's all types of crazy colors and when I was younger it was in the living room, so I always plopped down on the middle to play w/ all my toys. Just feels like childhood to me!

    Good luck w/ the EEP reusable pads. I will NOT be a customer. I've often said my FAVORITE invention of all time are tampons - I can't do pads. I should check into that divicup thing, though - for more enviro-friendly option. I kind of feel, though, since we do everything else so enviro-friendly that my tiny tampon habit is ok in perspective of others' bad habits! It makes me feel less guilty.

    OH and speaking of guilt I am the exact same way that you wrote about. Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed I have to stop right where I'm at, grab any piece of paper and writing utensil and make a list. I have way too many "looming over my shoulder" things that if they get out of hand I just feel immobile - unable to move fwd before I tackle them, but have no idea WHERE to start, so I sit - frozen w/ the horrible feeling.

  2. When I first read your post today, I found myself nodding and agreeing..so nice to finish projects, expecially that "under the sink" organization. But then your post turned to...no cable? then a "zither bag"? and finally cloth sannies??? I hope your boys don't help you do the laundry.

  3. Coleen don't worry I'm still the total freak you know and love :D

    No!! I canceled cable because we don't watch tv. And the zither I picked up at bishops attic for 2 dollars, I thought the boys would enjoy strumming and they do. The cloth sannies are an experiment, store bought ones are full of chlorine! And the 'green' ones don't seem to work that great. We'll see how they go though. Yes the boys do laundry but I'll keep a little bag for them or something. I can be discreet, I think.
    Sounds like I scared you off. I'm sorry!

    Christina, wrist warmers work so great! I'll make you a pair. :)

  4. I love your organization skills...and your brillant ideas. Although, I am with Christina...I will not be a customer of your um...napkins. I'm a tampon loving girl and I just can't give that habit up:)

    Props, for giving up TV, again I'm not as strong as you!

  5. I love your rug, it's so pretty and very creative! I have an idea for your hat, why not felt a flower and embroider it to cover the dropped stitch? It will keep is from running further and look so dang cute!

  6. Wow. I feel so inadequate now. My to do list is absolutely hanging over me, and I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Great job getting it all done. I'm in awe.


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