Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: I'm Award Winning, That's Why


I'm Award Winning, That's Why

 Time to clear the shelves of some awards I've received lately, you know I'm all about clearing things up and getting rid of guilt! Things I need to take care of but don't do it right away make me massively guilty, so this is making me feel immensely better.

Thanks for coming by day after day, I'd write this either way but it is pretty cool to have actual humans read my writing. I've always wanted to write, always have written but never had the guts to do it AND let people read it. I guess the anonymity of the internet helps calm the nerves. Plus I just love to write.

Oh before the awards get handed out I want to ask/beg/plead/demand that everyone come by on Monday and link up a new or old post for my new Monday link up "Just Another Meatless Monday" I am going meatless maybe 2-4 times a week as way to eat healthier, curb my dependency on factory meat and save a bit of money on more expensive honest meats. I love it but feel I may be getting in a rut, then I thought maybe other people were feeling this way too. Maybe we can all inspire each other with some new ideas, yes? The post can be a new or old one, as long as you wrote it. Once you have linked it up you can't link that particular recipe up again for a month but after a month it's fair game because who knows who you might inspire by reposting it. I am working on a button to make linking easy, bear with me I am tech challenged. I hope you'll join me!

From Spices Bites I received the Beautiful Blogger Award!


She must have seen that charming picture of me munching down on DimSum in Chinatown, heehee.

To pass on the Beautiful Blogger Award I have to list 7 interesting facts about me, oh I have to limit myself to 7? I'm so interesting and beautiful ok I'll stick with 7...

#1 I just discovered a charming but alarming gray streak in my hair, it's over my right eye and would show if I ever parted my hair there-this makes my head look HUGE on one side thanks to insane hair, so the chances of a me with a cool mod gray streak looking savvy at the coffee shop are slim to none, Bride of Frankenstein though? I can do that!

#2 I have a wild dream to grow all of our own food, I'd better do it quick before the other 2 boys become teenagers though

#3 my blog is going through a metamorphosis, I am still loving writing about feeding my family real food, raising vegetable eaters, and organic gardening, I have been adding a bit more of our creative side and my upcycling/thrifting side-two major components in my life- I would love to hear any feedback you may have on those posts-even a yay or nay is cool

#4 I love to watch the sunrise and sunset

#5 I have atrocious hand writing, I often write and leave big spaces bet  w een le  tter s that aren't meant to be there-once I wrote a quick note to myself to clean the Stanky BR(clean the the stinky bathroom) my ex loser husband asked me "who is this Stan Kybar anyway??!" HA!

#6 I love old things rusty crusty dusty stuff

#7 I always wanted to be cute and little, um no I'm an Amazon-some day I'll accept that

Now I have to pass it on to 7  bloggers
#1 Amy at Keeping up with the Schultz Family-Alyce's mommy! and a loyal reader
#2 Christina at Dinner at Christina's-make sure you stop by on Friday for her First Fridays link up!
#3 Sweet&Savory-fantastic new blog
#4 Angel in the Kitchen-I am making carmelitas I SWEAR!!!
#5 Michelle at Honest and Truly-Michelle reads the fine print and then tells you what it says in PLAIN ENGLISH
#6 Susan at Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy-everything this woman makes is dreamy, plus? we are hitting Chinatown for DimSum again this year during BlogHer Food'10!!
#7 Amanda of Two Boos Who Eat- I had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband during the foodbuzz festival briefly-lovely couple

 Christina of Dinner at Christina's gave me the Sunshine Award, isn't it pretty? I should really pass it on but I have to give it back to Christina first. When I fist 'met' Christina I felt like we hit it off right away. She is so sweet and real, I felt like I had known her forever. I can't wait to hang out with someday soon in real life.

Now I'm passing this to someone who completely inspires me! Her blog is new to me and may be new to many of you. It's Meg of Sew Liberated, she is a teacher, pattern designer, seamstress and mother to the cutest baby, Finn. While she doesn't know I exist she makes me feel like I can do anything!


I was tagged for a meme too Sweet & Savory a blogger out of Iowa (woot for the home state!!)who I really enjoy tagged me for 5 foodie fun facts-and while I do tend to rage against the foodie mentality I do enjoy spouting off
#1 When did you discover your love for cooking/baking? mmmmm I've always loved it as far back as I can remember, I cooked complete dinners for my family when I was an early teen, when I was younger I would make cakes in my easy bake and anytime I was alone in the kitchen I pretended to be on a cooking show
#2 Favorite food to make? gosh I'm stumped I love to make everything, usually from scratch-right now today I'd have to say appetizers, small, quick and fun

#3 Top eat of all time?my all time favorite meal is a green salad, grilled steak, steamed broccoli and fresh bread-dining out? I had a buffalo blue cheese salad that was to die for

#4 Most disliked food?  organ meats, blarf

#5 Food you still haven't tried to make but want to ohhh that's a tough one-I'd love to make my dear husband some Ethiopian food some day, I'll need to special order the spices I'm sure but it will be worth it 

If you like food and want to play along then I tag you, anyone and everyone gets to play along, I can't wait to see your answers, wonder how many of you dislike organ meats too?

Wow, what a long post. And it matches my week. My husband has a deadline coming up for a new program he is writing/developing?/whatever and he has been working at least 16 hour days since last week. He is only coming home for dinner or lunch, we hardly get to see him. Seriously I am not complaining, it's his job and we are blessed that he has one so close to home AND that I can stay home and warp teach our youngest boys. But then the brakes on my truck blew out on Monday and it's not going to be ready until FRIDAY. So I am for the most part not going anywhere which is cool because that's how I like it, mellow, hanging out with kids and just being in the moment. 

Peace and Love,



  1. Meatless Mondays, huh? Does that count bacon?

  2. No Coleen you can't use bacon either! :) bacon salt yes-

  3. Hey Laura, it's Ally - thanks for the great shoutouts to my food blog today! And the wonderful award! It's my first! I'll be sure to include it in my post today....so are you from Iowa??? You mentioned it was your home state?

    PS - I'll start thinking about my meatless monday meal...

  4. What a great time you are having on your blog. Thanks for taking the time to honor me. I hope you have a great day.

  5. Sweet and Savory-No my grandfather left my grandmother with 2 kids to raise in the 40s to come to Alaska to build the highway! He came back for her 3 years later and brought her with him! She told my great grandmother I'll be home by Christmas and didn't get back home to visit for 2 years. They never left for good though.

  6. Yay I'm so excited for Meatless Mondays!

    Also, I personally LOVE the new expansion of the blog to include all things creative. It works for you!

    Thanks for the awards and I had to laugh at the last paragraph b/c J is in the same boat. He tries to keep me up to date, but I have no clue what he's talking about - just that he's been super busy! hehe

  7. Loved reading your interesting facts, Laura! I've always wanted a really cool gray streak ... instead I'm just gray all over. Like more than 50% of head. Bah!

    I'm down with the Just Another Meatless Mondays gig ... since its Lent and I'll I should be doing at least one meatless meal a week ... and that's tomorrow ... ack! LOL

    I hear ya on the husband working crazy hours. Mine has been doing the same for the last month. I feel for him and its getting old. I'm ready for him to have a break. Here's wishing your hubby luck for his deadline!

  8. Yeah! Christina and Diva and Ally!!

    Lets all sing together "Just Another Meatless Monday whoaaaaa I wish it were Sunday, cause that's my fun day"

    And Diva? my gray streak is cool, but I still have a whole lotta gray going on too.

    Christina-so glad you like my expansions :)

  9. You are award winning! I loved learning more about you.

  10. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reade. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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