Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: And the winner is...


And the winner is...

See, these are the posts I find hard to write, because I know you aren't here to read my pithy, uber intelligant chit chat.

My flip flap.

My gossip.

My tell all.

My tittle tattle.

My babble.

My blabber.


It's hard to read too isn't it? Well should I just get right down to it? OK...OK...I'm getting to it!

The winner of the Le Creuset  2 1/2 quart French Oven is.........ABBIE!!
Abbie said..
Following you sweetie! :) (I have had your link in my favorite places list for months...) xoxo~
Abbie is the creator of Down Abbie's Road and The Vintage Moth Two exquisite sites that never fail to inspire me to be a little more creative with my life. Abbie, drop me an email with your mailing address in it and I'll have CSN mail your brand spanky new Le Creuset French Oven right to you, in FLAME ORANGE of course.

Everybody else be nice and leave a congratulations for Abbie in the comments. Thanks to everyone who entered, left comments and had fun with this fabulous contest.

Peace and Love,



  1. Congratulations to Abbie! It's a wonderful prize indeed! Thank you for hosting such a fab giveaway.

  2. Dang Abbie what a lucky day for you indeed!

  3. Congratulations, Abbie!!!

    Its a wonderful prize! I have the same pot in blue ... which is why I didn't leave multiple entry comments. LOL

    Have a great day, all!

  4. Yeah to the winner. My computer was going nuts so I was not around. I am sorry about that.

  5. congrats abbie! and big applause to the very generous Laura for hosting!

  6. Yay, Abbie. And I promise I didn't even say it through gritted teeth ;) I will admit to beign jealous though.

  7. AaahhhH!!!!!!! OMG!!! Yay!!! I won! I won!! I NEVER win anything!!! Wooohooo!!!! You just made my day!!!!
    Off to brag on twitter and facebook and by blogs!!
    Thank you!! THank you!!

  8. YEAH!!! Abbie :D glad you found out, I wanted to surprise the winner and NOT notify them.
    drop me an email so I can get your prize sent out.

    AND?!? I am jealous, so is my 6 quart french oven it wanted a little brother :D


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