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The Best Baked French Fries

I got a subscription to Cooks Illustrated magazine for Christmas and I have to say this, it may be my favorite magazine. I love the way they detail each and every step along the way in developing a recipe. And the science behind the recipes is nice to know too, however fleeting.

I saw this recipe for the best roasted potatoes in the first issue I received and tried it right away. I have since lost that issue, found that issue and passed it on and have not looked at the recipe again. Yet I keep cranking them out. And we keep munching them down.

To the best of my recollection this it. Except I know some parts are missing. I could go to a lot of trouble looking for the recipe but I think mine pretty much nails it. I made them into french fries instead of just chunks for fun eating.

Best Baked French Fries oven 425˚

5 large baking potatoes
3 tablespoons of oil

bring a large dutch oven full of water to a boil
meanwhile scrub potatoes
slice into french fries wedges
when the water is boiling add potatoes and boil for about 7 minutes
remove from boiling water and drain well
when they are dry add them and the oil to a large bowl
stir gently to cover with oil
spread on baking sheet
bake for 20-25 minutes until they cooked through
then run them under the broiler to brown slightly if desired
serve hot with brown mustard or your favorite dipping sauce

150 year old china is optional of course
If I remember right it has something to do with the creamy slightly mashed potato glaze they get when the oil is stirred in. So gently stir until coated with it.

I have been making home baked french fries for a LONG time, these are far and away superior to anything I have ever made before. Enjoy!

Oh MAN!! Did you see the awesome recipes that were shared yesterday?!? Paneer, quick marinara, pizza omelet, cabbage soup, nutritional yeast, carrot broccoli soup--I think this week is going to be a soup week, it's cold up here! You know those spring-ish days when you throw open the windows but need a sweater? Yes, that's where we are.

You know what's funny about spring? It is such an ugly time of year, brown, dirty, scraggy, mangy and yet we are so DESPERATE for a change, we love it!! I always look back at pictures of spring and think  "ew disgusting what was I thinking?" I was thinking; hot damn it's not white on white, burn your eyes out, out there anymore!! It's such a great feeling but such a relief when it pretties up out there.

In other news the plant rack is up and loaded with flats. We have basil, celeriac, brussels sprouts, marigolds, alyssum and lobelia going right now. We also planted some corn to grow long term and be transplanted as larger plants outdoors. I know the corn will suffer but it made a 4 year old so, very, happy, to his very core to plant corn.

Peace and Love,



  1. Thanks for sharing the bake version of french fries, this is good since don't need to deep fry.

  2. These are a lot like home fries that I make alot, you can't go wrong I don't think! I use a lot of garlic and pepper on mine.

    ~Aubree Cherie

  3. We make potatoes like these often! So easy, and everyone always enjoys them as a side dish:)

  4. I got a subscription to Cooks Illustrated a few years ago, and I LOVED it. I so miss it, but our library has it so I can check it out when I want. I just couldn't justify the subscription price. Can you imagine working there? Heaven!

  5. Michelle-I would LOVE to work there. I read about them creating the perfect prime rib, they cooked over 100 just to get it right. WHOA!


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