Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Boys, Beans, Buttons and Leprechauns


Boys, Beans, Buttons and Leprechauns

I'm not going to post any fantastical new/old Irish recipe. I'm pretty sure the blogosphere is full up right about now. Instead I'm going to show you how we 'did' math today. And show you some spots our leprechaun has been found, little stinker!

 As a Waldorf home school mom (1 year only but still, right?) I have to walk some pretty fine lines between the relaxed ideal of a Waldorf kindergarten, the uptight 'teach to the test' public school model and the standards of our home school standards. For us this means that we 'do' school in many different ways. For instance we do a part time farm school that fulfills our physical education, science, social studies and mommy alone time standards.
We also have a reading program for home use that we don't use, we instead make letter books and bind them, we trace letters, we write letters, we learn the sounds and practice our name writing skills; everything else will come later but we must show SOME work in the area.
Mathematics are genuinely loved around here and it is seen as playing which is good. We have a work book which is LOVED, a dot to dot book also loved, plus we count a lot. We all 'play school' together because frankly it's more fun then sending the little guy off to play alone, he enjoys himself right along side of us. (shhh he also gets letters more than his big brother)
We also cook, read lots of fairy tales and act them out, create forts, ski, snow shoe, hike, bike, write to pen pals, work on chores, build, knit, sew, braid, play with friends, tend gardens and practice our house keeping. I never dreamed I would be a home school mom mostly because I figured I would be more detrimental to my son's ultimate success and mental state.
I have my moments of shining awesomeness and my low points of screaming horrible things I would never want my kids to say. I'm not perfect. I use to want to be but it was pointed out to me that wanting to be perfect was a high standard to live up to and would most likely fail anyway. It was so nice to give up the quest for perfect and lead a life of mostly ok.
Today we counted beans and buttons. We are practicing counting to 100 and beyond, so we did that verbally first. Then I poured soybeans in my hand and had us guess how many. Then we counted out the beans using cups to keep groups of 10. We under guessed the soybeans, we had 77. Then each boy made a number 7 out of beans. We repeated this with black beans and buttons. We also compared the size of pile each number of objects made. This was fun, hands on math. Hands, brains, hearts, fingers and smiles were engaged. Shining awesomeness included free of charge!

Plus of course we are expecting major leprechaun troubles. Last year our milk was green and green sprinkles were kicked all over the place. What will happen this year?

Who knows.

The traps are set. That leprechaun has been a busy little guy, getting all over the house.

Of course he is COMPLETELY to blame when anything goes missing or is inexplicably broken.

Which can be a blessing or a curse, depends on who, did what, to who's stuff. How is your day going? Did you get pinched?

Peace and Love,



  1. hee hee! Your leprechaun is a cutey, in a sinister sort of way.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  3. That sounds like so much fun. Those two cute little faces look a little impish. I wouldn't be so quick to blame the leprechaun. :)

  4. I LOVE your leprechaun! He's so cute!!! You need to make more and sell on Etsy!

  5. Christina, I was thinking of it! Glad you like him :) Oh he's a real pain though.

  6. I don't think I will ever learn how to spell eh, lepre.., eh, so I will just call him the Little Green Man that's Not an Alien. My husband pinched me but I feel it's quite unfair since I worked from home today I didn't step outside at all. So what if they are not green? He's lucky I even put on any clothes!

  7. Yeah! I kind of feel the same way-you are lucky you have clean clothes to wear don't hassle me! :D kids would love to run nekid though

  8. No pinches but I did get to wear green. Looks like you had piles (bean piles and button piles) of fun.

  9. What a fun way to explore numbers. The first grade teachers at our school do math at home and math in the car, which are neat math games for each week - they sound sorta similar and all about making math fun. I love it.

    But really? I'm stuck at the beautiful sewing machine. I don't sew at all, but that is beautiful, and I love it!


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