Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Busy Monday


Busy Monday

Today was the day for the long trip to stock up on groceries. It also happened to coincide with laundry day, the day I spend washing, drying, folding and most importantly putting away all the laundry. Ugh, except I've figured out that if I do all the laundry in one day, I don't have to pick away at it every time "I'm not busy with something else" (HA!). Then my free time (again HA!) is truly mine. To get both big jobs done I really had to be hustling. 

I snapped some photos of our journey to the city.

Crossing the Eklutna Flats

These ruts brought to you by the word studs, reminding you that little spiky metal things 
will ruin your road faster than you can say May1st.



Remember how gray and dull it was? Well that was so two hours ago! Now here we are leaving the city on a 6 lane highway.

Now we're down to 4 lanes but we still have blue sky. It's really hard to imagine that in 6 weeks we'll have leaves. But take note we were able to play outside without coats for quite a while this afternoon, between laundry loads. I let the chickens out to roam meanwhile watching for an eagle I saw soaring a few miles from home.

Rounding the corner into our valley.

Now we are down to 2 lanes of road.

Thanks to ALL who participated in Just Another Meatless Monday by linking up. I made the asparagus and garlic by Sweet and Savory, it was the best asparagus I have ever eaten. Thanks Ally for the great recipe!

Peace and Love,

 I'm leaving you with a photo that hangs on our fridge.
Me circa 2003


  1. Wow that's pretty!!

    Oooh I love asparagus! I'll have to give it a try! I love it roasted!

  2. so pretty. Although I don't envy you the cold. but I grew up in an isolated area and I do miss that part of being away from the hustle and bustle. Although some could argue that I am technically away from all that where I am now.

  3. Driving through Spokane a few years ago, I was confused at why there were ruts in the road. My friend from MN, who was in the car with me, had to explain snow tires to me.

  4. Taking pictures while driving are as bad as texting while driving. I think I'd be tempted to pull over though with those blue skies.


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