Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday #3 Green Bean Stir Fry


Just Another Meatless Monday #3 Green Bean Stir Fry

Hey What's For Dinner

This is one of my favorite little vegetarian meals.  It's quick, filling and comes from pantry staples. With a little planning you can have this on the table in under 25 minutes. I make extra brown rice and freeze it in family size portions so it's ready to eat fast. If you don't have rice ready to eat quickly use your favorite rice or noodle paired with it.

Green Bean Stir Fry
2 TBSP oil
6 cups frozen green beans
2 cups frozen edamame
1 cup almonds
Your choice of cooked rice or noodles
1 TBSP oil
2 TBSP finely chopped ginger
5 cloves garlic, chopped
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes, optional
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 teaspoons vinegar, ponzu or rice wine vinegar
1 teaspoon black bean sauce

in a large heavy skillet heat the 2 TBSP oil of over medium high heat
when it is hot toss in the beans and edamame - stand back it will sizzle and pop but you want it to brown up the beans so keep the heat up as high as you can stand
meanwhile in a small skillet over medium heat cook the almonds until they are lightly toasted and browned, set aside when toasted
meanwhile keep stirring the beans-keeping them moving in the pan
after 10-12 minutes they should be cooked crisp tender and browned a bit
remove the beans to a bowl
meanwhile heat the 1 TBSP oil in the pan
quickly saute the garlic and ginger
sprinkle on the pepper flakes
mix the last 3 ingredients together and pour over the garlic mixture
stir to incorporate
add beans back to pan stir to coat
remove from heat sprinkle on almonds
serve with your choice of rice or noodles
serves 4 happily with enough leftovers for 1 lunch the next day

Here is the stir fry waiting for the almonds. I also love to make this with tofu instead of edmame but but the boys tend to discourage tofu usage. I guess it took me 30 years to enjoy tofu, I can have mercy.

So how about you? Did try anything new this week? Did you go vegetarian at least one day? Do you have something fantastic to help encourage the rest of us? Link up! We need to be inspired. It can be a new favorite or a post from the past. All are welcome, I only ask that you leave a comment after linking up.

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  1. This looks grand! Green beans and almonds must be a perfect combination - especially with the contrast in textures!

    But I've gotta say... poo on the boys.... Make it with tofu! :D (Yum!)

  2. I didn't enjoy tofu until about 15. I think it's a texture thing. It helped to have it seared so it was crispy, but now I love it any way!

    Linked up my broc and cheddar soup- will have to try next time w/ your bread bowls!!

  3. Mmm I love tofu! My husband looks at me like I have two heads. It's a texture thing for him. I just love it any way I can get it, and I bet it would go great in this dish!

    I'm a newcomer and I hope you don't mind my joining you today!

  4. Okay girl, you're going to have to add some protein if you're not going to burn out on meatless Monday. Some tofu, some tempeh, maybe an egg? It still looks really good, just not a main dish, you know?

  5. Actually Almonds 6 grams and edamame 8grams together have about 1/3 of my daily protein needs. I also consume plain yogurt, quinoa and milk most days in general. That does boost my protein up pretty good. A serving of quinoa is 6 grams 2 cups of milk are 16 grams and a serving of yogurt is 11. So I am getting about 42 grams a day. Pretty good I thought.

  6. Oooo that sounds good! And I bet the wee ones would eat it. They love edamame and green beans. and rice. I have everything in the house except for the black bean sauce. But I could substitute, I think. Great choice!

  7. Honest and Truly Michelle? I have never made Irish Soda Bread-hunh maybe I should fix that. Thanks!


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