Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday #4 Tomato Spinach Soup


Just Another Meatless Monday #4 Tomato Spinach Soup

Hey What's For Dinner

What a wild and crazy weekend!

I came home Thursday to this:

My kitchen floor 1/3 of the way removed and a sheepish husband who exclaimed "damn thought I'd be done by the time you got here"

Friday I took a water color painting class, it was a blast, my painting:

Please bear in mind I cropped it, to protect the innocent, so the quality is shot. Thanks Kelly for taking the photo and posting it to facebook so I could steal it and use it. Truly Kelly, thanks for organizing the class it was awesome!!

Then we did this on Saturday:

Yep! We finished removing the old linoleum in our kitchen and uncovered the original wood floors. Now we have to figure out what comes next.

Saturday night I judged a fashion/sewing show featuring kids 18 and under. I love to see the art of sewing passed along to kids and the excitement level was up there.

Sunday I made a huge mess in my kitchen, making 3 pizzas, bread, cinnamon rolls, jalapeno cheese rolls and cookies. I bought a 25 pound bag of flour and it didn't fit in my usual storage jars. I don't usually buy so much but I was at the Natural Pantry and it was a great deal, so I bought it. Kneadless (ha!) to say we are set for a week of good eats.

Sunday also brought listening to/feeling the Crow Creek Pipes and Drums band at the library, cleaning the chicken coop, and tomato spinach soup on the fly. Even with careful planning dinner time can still sneak up on me. Thankfully crushed tomatoes came to my rescue and we had a simple lovely dinner in about 30 minutes flat.

Tomato Spinach Soup

5 cups crushed tomatoes, I used canned not fresh because well, yeah because
4 cups water or vegetable stock, more as needed
bay leaf
1 tsp thyme
3 sage leaves
1 tablespoon chopped garlic, less if desired
1 tsp sugar
6 ounces bow tie pasta
salt and pepper to taste
2 cups fresh spinach leaves, washed

in a dutch oven over medium high heat bring the tomatoes, water/stock, bay leaf, thyme to a simmer reduce heat and keep at a low simmer
crush the sage leaves and sprinkle them in
add the chopped garlic, I used a spice ball which is like a tea ball only bigger, I wanted the flavor of the garlic but not the chunks, you could sub in garlic powder too just don't use as much
add the sugar
let it simmer for 10 minutes
halfway through check for water, if you need a bit more liquid to cook the pasta add it now
return to simmer
then add pasta simmer gently for another 10 minutes
taste for salt and pepper and add as needed
snip the fresh spinach into the soup and continue cooking until the pasta is done
taste again for salt and pepper
cool briefly before serving

We had this with fresh bread, red anjou pears, and asparagus roasted with garlic. Rather simple but the perfect end to a long weekend.

So it's Just Another Meatless Monday around these here parts. I hope you'll think of joining in the fun. Any post on your blog, new or old can be used. To add the Just Another Meatless Monday button to your post simply copy the html code in the box and add it to your post in the edit html area for that post, easy! Or just link up and leave a comment. Be sure to check out the other links to get a little inspiration and leave a little inspiration for them.

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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! I always feel better on Monday when I've accomplished a lot on the weekend though.

    The soup looks yummy! I just bought some spinach and bayleaf yesterday; so minus the pasta, I should give this a try!

    ~Aubree Pack

  2. Wow, what a busy weekend! First off, LOVE your water color, its gorgeous!!! I used to do watercolor and probably should get back to it some time. Would have loved to take that class with you.

    Second ... your floor ... how exciting! What are you going to do? Keep the old wood or are you going for something new?

    Lastly, love the tomato and spinach soup on the fly ... I'll take mine with some of those jalapeno cheese rolls. Yum!

  3. Love how you add pasta to your tomato soup, makes it a little heartier!

    And those floors...sounds like a "project" I would come home to!

  4. Yay for hardwood floors! They look awesome! Love that the boys got in there and helped too! :)

    This is a cabbage soup from 101 cookbooks. I have made it probably 10 times over the months and I LOVE it. Cabbage, onions, potatoes, and beans. So much flavor and totally vegan if you use vegetable broth.

  5. Yum, yum yum, yum yum yum yum yum yum! I am SO making this this week. And I have everything in my pantry to do it. Mmmm

    My meatless Monday is meatless with alterations (skip the bacon, use vegetable stock instead of chicken). Still counts, yes? :)

  6. You have some great little helpers there! I really want to do the meatless Mondays with you but most of my posts that are meal related (aka non booze or dessert) are carnivorous. I will work on this and join you soon, love the idea! Despite construction chaos and *all those boys* your home sounds so wonderful, I wish I was up there right now. I'd even wash up the dishes.

  7. Excellent sounding soup. We would love it, and we will. Can't tell you how many different tomato soups I make, grins.

    Wow, please come and tear up the nasty linoleum on my kitchen floor please. Love the idea of wood floors, they're a lot of work, but so beautiful.

    And your water color! You totally are so awesome. My husband used to paint and teach painting, and he said watercolors were among the most difficult to learn.

  8. Coming home to my husband remodeling and working on stuff would be a dream come true. Okay, if he did dishes, that's a dream come true. You're lucky even if it's a shock at first.

  9. Mmmm guess what I just made? Yum! I added a toss of parmeasan on top once I served it and rough chopped the spinach before added. Yum!


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