Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: .: Making Sauerkraut and a Leprechaun Report :.


.: Making Sauerkraut and a Leprechaun Report :.

Quick, run now, directly to the nearest grocery store and buy at least 5 cabbages while they are still on sale. Got 'em? Good! Now get ready to make sauerkraut. Yeah sure you can buy by the gallon at Costco but have you ever had real homemade sauerkraut? I have and it beats store bought hands down.

It's easy to do, I made some tonight while my husband went 'hunting' with our boys. They wore their green cloaks for St. Patrick's day {insert obligatory adorable picture here} :

and promptly decided they must go hunting with their bows, with dad, tonight. And they did. Hence me making sauerkraut blissfully alone in the silence of the setting sun.

You will need cabbage and pickling salt, how many and how much depends on how much cabbage you procure. You will need 3 Tablespoons of pickling salt to every 5 pounds of cabbage.

You will also need a crock or large jar, a wooden spoon, cutting board and a sharp knife. A mandolin makes the cutting faster but I have cut it with a knife before it just takes longer. I am not as apt to randomly slice off a finger tip with a knife so both ways have their pros and cons.

A friend will make the work easier but if you crave silence like I did tonight you might just like to work alone.
Make sure your work area is clean
measure out your salt and set aside
Remove outer cabbage leaves and wash the head of cabbage
Working with one cabbage at a time cut the cabbage into quarters and remove the core, save for snacking it's the best part
then with either a knife or the mandolin slice the cabbage into 1/4 inch wide shreds
remove any larger chunks of cabbage also save for making cabbage and cheese
put the shreds in the crock and sprinkle with a bit of salt
give it a pound with the wooden spoon
continue on until all the cabbage has been shredded, salted and pushed down
then keep mashing the cabbage down, it will reduce by about half
you are jump starting the lacto-fermentation process by releasing the cabbages juices and mixing them with salt giving the the lactic acid producing bacteria a happy home to bubble up in
the liquid will eventually cover the cabbage, when this happens put a board or plate over the cabbage to keep it submersed
lacking a board that fits in my crock I used saran wrap right down on top of the cabbage and juice and pressed out any air and tucked it right down in there
another method you can use it to fill a clean ziploc bag with water and lay it over the cabbage, this will seal the top and keep air out-that is your goal keep air out
let the crock or jar sit and sit and sit and then? sit some more
check it every day and skim off and scum that forms, then recover with a clean board or saran wrap
it should become pickled and translucent in 2-3 weeks
as long as it keeps bubbling it is still fermenting
just keep skimming until fermentation is done

Speaking of rotten things, our leprechaun was a wild one last night! He came mysteriously in the night kicking around green sprinkles. He seems to have grabbed Unions watch, an old costume ring and some coins. Then when he was attempting to get to a pile of gold coins in a carafe he must have slipped and almost fell in. We don't know what happened but he dropped all of his loot in and around the carafe and left. We later found the felted leprechaun trapped by one shoe in a mouse trap. Poor guy. After we set him loose, and snapped his picture with the traps and set him free, he promptly disappeared and hasn't been seen since. We reset the carafe trap in a last ditch effort to live off easy street.

Peace and Love,



  1. How cute are the boys in their cloaks? So adorable! And it's awesome that you got a little peace and quiet time to make the kraut.

  2. Aw, so, so cute! Both the capes and the tales of your feisty leprechaun!

    I don't think I've ever made sauerkraut, but I'll bet its WAY better than store bought!

    By the way, YES, that's a stainless steel straw on my blog today. They're washable and re-useable ... totally green! :)

    Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day to you guys!!

  3. I love sauerkraut, great idea! I honestly never thought to make my own!

    (PS: Hi! I am so uncommenty lately! But always reading!)

  4. Not a fan of sauerkraut but you enjoy. Love the hunt. So Sorry I have not been by. Things have been so crazy..

  5. Oh I love those capes. So sweet - you've got adorable boys, Laura!

    And ummmm the sauerkraut? I'll leave that one to you. I think the German gene in me got lost when it came to food :)

  6. Finally, I can make my own sauerkraut!

  7. Thanks for the Friday First love (and following directions! ;) ) This leprechaun idea is so adorable and I love the green capes!


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