Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Mandarin Poppy Seed Muffins+March in Alaska


Mandarin Poppy Seed Muffins+March in Alaska

Ah winter fruit, I love you but it's time to move along. I enjoyed you in December now it's March and I need a new fruit. Especially since winter is still here and just dumped 14 more inches on us I think it's best if you skedaddle on out and make way for strawberries. Perhaps winter will follow you out like the rats of Hamlet.

Scrounging around the fridge looking for inspiration led me to a mandarin orange all forlorn on the bottom shelf. I figured I needed to use it up before it went bad (OK this is kind of scary, no? most of my food choices seem to be about using food before it turns on me and demands payment for abuse or palimony). So what the hell do you do with one small orange? Not a whole lot of anything.
I went for flavoring some muffins inspired by Coleen a neighbor of mine (OK in the 20-30 mile neighbor kind of way) and fellow blogger. Yum. So glad I didn't ditch that one little orange, we've been snacking on these little treats for several days and everyone loves them.

Mandarin Poppy Seed Muffins--oven 400˚--makes 24 muffins

3 1/2 cups cake flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
3 packets Tru Lemon powder
2/3 cup of sugar
1/2 cup poppy seeds-your own or store bought I used a mix of both
zest of one mandarin orange
juice of same mandarin orange
1 1/2 cups milk
1/4 cup yogurt
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 cup oil

lightly grease 2 muffin pans-save butter wrappers for jobs like this
mix all dry ingredients including orange zest
in a separate bowl mix all wet ingredients
make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients quickly add wet ingredients
stir to mix lightly, don't over mix
quickly fill muffin tins and bake for 15-18 minutes
Don't over bake, that and over mixing are the gateway to bad dry tough muffins, ahem not that I would know that from experience. Nope not the Queen of All. HA!

I'll give the first person to correctly guess what kind of jelly this a dollar. Anybody?


 the path fairy covered in snow-again

fresh snow at least it's pretty
cross country skis first time since ankle surgery 1 year ago

shoveling the driveway ALASKA STYLE!


  1. Hmmmmmmmm, not dark enough for rose hip....not red enough for currant or raspberry.....not light enough for fireweed.....cranberry?

  2. I'm gonna guess Yumberry :)
    not really, but i just like the name... i love that you used your own poppyseeds too. We used to do that growing up until the damn dog dug up all our poppies...

  3. I say plum?
    I am so happy you are stopping by tomorrow. I can't wait to see what you have to share. Thanks for taking the time to join in tomorrow.. Have a great day..

  4. Oh my goodness. I will never ever complain about our few days of snow a year (oh, who am I kidding, I know I will!) That is INCREDIBLE that you plow your drive with a backhoe.

    I totally agree with you about the fruit. It is this time of year that clementines just become detestable to me. I try and buy local, but this time of year, I don't care about buying a pear or grapes from Chile. I just need some variety!

  5. Ugh I can't remember what type of jelly taht is, but I remember you made it last year and took a pic of all the jars. But for guessing sake I'm going to say strawberry b/c you were just saying you wanted strawberries and I remember you had them last year!!

  6. oh those muffins sound perfect right now!

  7. I also have a lot of mandarin orange in my fridge, since Chinese New Year, I have to use it and add poppy seed in my chiffon cake. Thanks for sharing.


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