Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: .: Spring :.


.: Spring :.

It's that time of year again, when I roll in the plant rack and drag out the plant table! Last year I was in a walking cast after ankle surgery so this year is much more pleasant for me....and I suppose everyone else, too. Everything was just harder with that boot on, every time I walked anywhere near the plant area I kicked something over, I'm really surprised I didn't kick the leg right off.

I pulled out seeds and a long afternoon was spent spreading soil liberally all over the dining room. We planted and while we planted we schemed about new garden beds, how many peas we would have, the tallest sunflowers, boasting of the finest kind. It took two days to clean up and now it's time to start more seeds and more mess, I'll tell myself I don't mind.

Somewhere around January I start to miss the endless blue sky days (20 hours!) the flowers, the fresh vegetables picked and eaten within minutes. I miss walks outsides without coats, watching chickens and seeing things grow. The back breaking hours spent bent over weeding, only to go back and see more weeds, watering watering, and chasing the chickens out of the gardens, yes I even miss the annoyances. I like winter because I like to hibernate for a while but when it's done it needs to be done.

I love summer but there comes a time for me when I'm done and I need a change. Along about fall, I am so ready to rip plants out and be done that it is enjoyable to clean out the gardens. The living composting egg makers eat most of the garden waste and give us in return, eggs and compost. Last fall's compost has been languishing all winter, mellowing out for a move to the garden. Rich with life it will return to the garden and start the cycle over. And on and on.

I just deep cleaned the hen house and I have say the ladies are pretty excited about life in general. They have kicked up all around their hen house and are pumping out the eggs. We got 14 yesterday and 10 more today. Elvis, the rooster, is in heaven, 15 girls to himself and no competition in sight. Yes spring is definitely looking good to all of us right now.

And how my boys love the driveway, we have a pretty long one and I refuse to pave it. Break up is just no fun if you can't channel water and create public water works and feats of engineering genius. Every boat is part of the flotilla that fills our puddles. Cold and slushy puddles are the best kind to fall in, just ask my washing machine.

Spring I love you! Summer is coming. Fall, a long way off but full of pleasant memories. Winter you need to go.

I guess what I am saying is; I love the seasons, the changes, fleeting moments that remind me to enjoy what's in front of me without forgeting the joys of things to come and pleasures of the past. Everything is changing and we best love where we are.

Peace and Love



  1. Such a pretty backyard. Must be nice to have those tall fir trees and your tablescape is so pretty.

  2. We have some early spring stuff in our raised beds, under a garden tunnel for a start. We do need to start on our seed planting though.

    And we have a dirt driveway with plenty of puddle ruts, you can play here any day.

  3. thanks Linda! I love my yards

    and Diana I personally will come and drain out your puddles for you! I love to do that and our driveway is almost melted.

  4. Oh I'm with you on missing summer and such - but I start missing it not in January by by about December25. And sometimes before.

    Soooooo you may be a good person to ask. I finally bought my composter and soon with the weather getting above freezing again, I plan to kick it off. Suggestions on getting started? :)


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