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.:Thrifty Storage:.

I refuse to believe I must live my life ruled by advertising. I refuse to believe the only things worth having are branded, co-branded, designer designed, but still made in China crap. I refuse to believe these American ideals of cool have to be mine, we have opted out, said no thanks and gone on our merry way.

I don't mind, I have my own cool, our family has it's own sense of cool and it is utterly our own.

Part of opting out is living beyond what Wal*Schmart sells. And box stores. Mostly, because we sometimes need to go there and we don't have a lot of options in Alaska.

Rubbermaid totes have definite uses but they're ugly. For baby chicks? YES!! For living room sewing baskets? NO!! Finding alternative storage makes my heart thrill, I love to find little treasures that I use outside their intended uses.

My scrap fabric was threatening to over take it's current living quarters and my sewing box was full of notions and not quite able to be useful. Along came these thrilling little gems...

I love the plaid box I have had it for a month or two and keep some current small projects in there with their parts and pieces. Easy and close at hand means I actually pick up those little projects and work on them.

The small filing box lived here for a bit before I figured out what it's use was...

Fabric scraps, too big for the kids scrap bag to small to fit in the box of fabric and not get lost. I simply folded them to fit and all my smaller scraps are right there to be used and pondered over. The fabric was actually thrifted too. I find the best pieces from other peoples projects. I guess maybe this means I need limited choices.

I love the look of these old dependable clunkers. I love their second or third lives here in my home, where because they can't speak, I will speak for them and they too say "opt out!!"

Don't forget tomorrow is "Just Another Meatless Monday" here and also the last day to enter my Le Creuset giveaway! Link is at the top of the page if you need help finding it. Off to file our taxes, YEAH!!

Peace and Love,



  1. I wish I had your imagination for crafts!!

  2. Love the plaid box! It reminds me of a picnic hamper from Yogi Bear. I'm going to be repurposing my wooden wine crates into yarn and craft storage, to be stacked in a bookcase. I wholeheartedly agree about not buying Chinese products. Time after time I look at the label and tell a salesclerk, "No, I won't buy this, it's from China." I would rather spend my money on local or US made products. Just my part towards helping our economy... So glad you feel that way too!


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