Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Crostini al Funghi


Crostini al Funghi

I recently noticed that lately I have been on a sugar high kick. I knew I had addiction bad when I was hungry and the only thing that sounded good were truffles leftover from an event this past weekend. When I tried to send them home with their creator she replied "nah I'm not eating sugar right now".

Have you ever been blinded by a revelation? I was inhaling too much refined sugar and I needed to break that habit. As soon as possible. A cleanse was in order. I think I eat pretty healthily but slowly over the last few months I had built up to baking lots of goodies with lots of pure sugar.
  • I'm not saying there is anything wrong with making goodies. 
  • I am not saying their is anything wrong with sugar.
  • I am simply saying I was eating too many goodies made with sugar and not enough of all the other great foods I love too
So I decided to NOT make any sweets for a while. I'm trying to use honey in my muffin recipes, bread recipes and so on. I am trying to eat a mostly raw fruit and vegetable diet for a week. I'm not strict about this but most days my breakfasts and lunches are very simple raw foods. Dinners of course are mostly vegetarian if possible but cooked because I think my family would FREAK out if I served them a raw dinner. They have their limits you know!
Luckily I recently joined a great food co-op called Wolf Lake Wellness and the gorgeous organic produce I get through them makes eating lots of raw fruit and veggies a dream! If you live in the valley you really ought to look them up and give them a shot.
Casting about for dinner ideas one day led me to a bag of portabellos leftover from my escapades in stuffing them. Crostini al Funghi got in my head and would NOT leave. And so it had to be, homemade toast points, sauteed portabellos and zucchini. Toast and mushrooms. Mmmmmm. Easy too.

Crostini al Funghi

1 TBSP olive oil
1 TBSP butter**can sub in olive oil for vegan dish**
1 large portabello, gently washed and dried
1 medium zucchini, washed
4 slices of bread
1/3 grated parmesea**sub in vegan cheese if desired**

in a medium saute pan heat oil and butter together over medium high heat
meanwhile slice mushroom in to thin slices
slice zucchini lengthwise, then in thin slices
add to the pan and cook until soft, then set aside
while the mushrooms are cooking slice the bread into triangles and pop under the broiler or in to the toaster oven
when the bread is toasted but not brown remove from oven
divide the mushroom and zucchini mixture evenly between the toast points
sprinkle each point with one teaspoon parmesean cheese
serve immediately

 This was an immense hit with 3/4 of us, 1/4 prefers zucchini only on his toast points. I can deal with that. No one seems to have noticed my mostly raw vegetarian tendencies and aside from being tired from lots of fresh air and yard work I have not really noticed much either.

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Peace and Love-



  1. I was thinking of making some crostini for a girls night I'm having next week...hmm!

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  3. Preach it, sistah, because I need to hear it! After having gone almost a year with little to no sugar in my life ... I have fallen off the beam in the worst way. And it shows on my blog too ... I did two desserts just this week alone. Sigh.

    I need to get back on the beam and back the hell away from the sugar. You're inspiring me today, Laura! :)

  4. I just may have to make this for the fam tomorrow night! and what? I missed a give away? What... will enter now!


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