Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Kale for Kids


Kale for Kids

What a fantastic day! The wind was blowing, I hung our sheets out to dry on the line, they smell glorious. The chickens had a heyday foraging in areas that were covered with snow just yesterday. The kids, oh the kids free ranged too, they played everywhere all day, I swear they blossom this time off year. Me? I cleaned up from the sins of winter. How does so much stuff go missing that we don't notice? Wouldn't you know it if a cardboard box for oranges was suddenly GONE from  the back porch, swept away in a winter storm? Um, I didn't until now.

It was a well spent day by all. Topped off perfectly by a fantastic dinner of tomato soup, roasted kale and rye toast. I'm working on my rye bread recipe, preferably one that isn't lead bread in style and I'll share that with you later. The soup was a recipe Heather shared a few weeks back on Just Another Meatless Monday, Katy's Lycopene Cream, yum!

Kale for Kids oven 400˚

1 market bunch of kale
glug of olive oil
wash and dry kale
remove most of the center stem on the lave of kale, about 3/4 will do, just try to get rid of the tough part
line a baking sheet with foil or a silpat
toss the kale with the olive oil right on the sheet
turn oven to preheat if you can, it helps cook from the top and bottom
roast about 10-15 minutes turning halfway through
cook until crispy in parts, but not burned



Last year my littlest boy loved this and the middle tolerated it. I made it tonight and jokingly said "nope not for you!" to both the little boys. They practically burst into tears when I said that, so I HAD to share my kale. SIGH, heh heh heh. One of my many little tricks I occasionally pull out when I need a little something extra to excite the veggie lovers. I don't advocate tricking kids into eating vegetables, but they do need a boost every once in a while.

So that was my blustery day. I love the wind. I need a wind turbine, STAT!

Peace and Love-



  1. Our harvest box kept bring bags full of kale, I to make crispy kale chips with them... strangely good.

  2. You might alternately title this Kale for Diva as well! Funny, I love most leafy greens, but not kale. I really need to try it roasted and see if I find it more palatable ... or maybe you can pull your trick on me too! ;)

  3. Diva? The kale isn't for you! Nope none for you ;)

    Megan, I love roasted kale and you are right it is strangely good


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