Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Thursday Make and Do


Thursday Make and Do

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Something to do?  Or on the advice of two readers last week: not do (Christina-Ally!) This is a little collection of ideas and thoughts that have moved me this week and I want to share them with you. Use them as you see fit. And be sure to come back tomorrow for homemade Reeses Cups.

This week I am hard at work making some great felted mushrooms broaches for a craft sale. Here I was working away only to look at my blog roll and see that one of my favorite thrifty bloggers Apron Thrift Girl had posted a tutorial on making felted flower broaches. Well they are just TOO cute and you should all hot foot it over and check them out! I decided I needed to make a few of those too!

Do you like to create recipes? Some do and some don't and some just like to tweak recipes like Coleen but this week she made something from scratch that I will definitely be making myself, Apple Rice. Go! Check her out, it was so great even her plain rice loving hubby enjoyed it! And like I said Coleen I DO hope to see you share that next week on Just Another Meatless Monday, yum.

Do you have the time and compassion to rescue an animal? Look how lovely this adopted cat is. And the story behind her adoption is BEAUTIFUL. Think velveteen rabbit in real life. **sigh**

Simplify life. What does that really mean? To parents and children? How can that possibly happen in this day and age? Here is a nice review of a book that's on my "to read" list that tackles that very subject.

And one more cooking project I want to do, Cobbler is Jars. Are these not adorable? Oh, I was 'called out' on facebook to make these. How can I not, right?  Since cobbler is not my thing I will be making mine crunch, apple rhubarb crunch. MMmmmmmm

So those are a few things inspiring me, want to be included in my weekly collections? Drop me a comment or email and I'll swing on over and check it out and we'll see what we can do. I do love to read blogs, lots and lots of blogs.

Peace and Love



  1. Great post, I hope Random Thursdays becomes a regular.

  2. I can't wait to do the cobblers in a jar. I did this a few years back, but had forgotten/lost the "how to". Thanks for the great reminder!


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