Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Beer Tasting


Beer Tasting

This past weekend I the extreme pleasure of attending my first ever beer tasting. You can bet your boopy it won't be my last. This was fun people! And it was part of something even cooler, Radio Free Palmer!

What is Radio Free Palmer? A grass roots initiative to bring live radio to our small town and from what I can tell they (soon to be we!) are about half way there. They currently have some streaming music programs and local assembly meetings live. They also have the assembly meetings available as podcasts.

They also throw a pretty great party. For example the beer tasting I attended was nice way to bring in members for their annual meeting. We attended because my husband volunteers with them recording the assembly meetings. I am so glad we did.

It was a wonderful way to spend several pleasant hours sampling the 10 9 favorite beers of a local beer aficionado. We tasted local brews, micro brews, bitter brews, porters and a couple ales. Yes, I got them on film. I started off a crack shot but somehow my photo skills went downhill. I'm really not sure what happened. We also had some hot snacks provided by a local favorite restaurant, Turkey Red.

The annual meeting was quite short and to the point, more non profits should really take lessons from these guys. Or maybe I was just happily sated and enjoying the thoughts of a truly local radio station. Whatever the reason our membership check is in the mail, I want in!

Now on to the photos: First up Sessions Beer, bottled in lucky beer bottles, gee those bring back memories of being poor in college. This was a great beer, probably one of my favorites, not bitter or bland but full flavored! Then there was a Samuel Adams Boston Lager, also good not as good as the Sessions though.

Then came a Stone Pale Ale, good beer! Better than their Arrogant Bastard Beer for sure! And BEER IN A CAN?? Apparently it can be great way to keep beer fresh, but it tasted like a canned beer to me. This was the Hefeweizen Haywire.

And then here is where it starts to get fuzzy, lots of 3 ounce pours at this point. Perhaps a few refills and almost empty bottles left on the table too. I also became rather indiscreet at taking pictures because other folks had started to notice. Moose Drool beer, in a can, blech. Do not want! Black Butte Porter? In a bottle? Yes Please, a very tasty beer.

Milk Stout came next. I'm non-committal on the milk stout, it was meh, to me. My husband really liked it though, so I could have been reaching my limit at this point.

The last two were extremely bitter beers. I don't seem to have pictures of them, which should tip you off right there. They were bitter. They were the last of nine beers. What can I say? Oh, one tasted like grapefruit. This is the last picture I took, these appear to be all the beer we tasted on Saturday.

My official word on the beer tasting/annual meeting of a non-profit: These two go hand in hand.

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  1. Does the beer tasting loosen the pursestrings, or maybe the tongue to help the meeting along? I'd rather have a wine tasting myself, but I don't know that I could do nine of them either way.

  2. I am NOT a fan of beer, but this looks fun!

  3. Sounds like fun. I assume this one didn't count in your "don't eat out for 365 days?"


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