Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: S'morkies-the new ultimate evil


S'morkies-the new ultimate evil

This post could really be titled "Girl, Get yer Girdle Out!", I'll wait. Got it? Good, squeeze that bad boy on before you even read this recipe. Trust me.

S'morkies are the newest member of the Ultimate Evil Club, they join the ranks of Twix-Tacular Bars and the Peanut Butter Cups from a few weeks back. Ultimate Evil status is given to cookies or treats that you should NOT be left alone with. You should not make them when you will be alone with them for extended periods of time. Or when you are wearing white. Or when you need to squeeze in to a bathing suit and NOT scare people. Or while breathing. Basically you should only make these recipes when:
  1. you can quickly get them out of your house
  2. your jaw is wired shut
  3. or both 1 and 2 simultaneously 
All joking aside though, these are damn close to the perfect s'more. Of course I'm a purist so these have only chocolate, grahams and marshmallows with a tad of coconut oil for consistency. You could add peanut butter or coconut or a myriad of other delights but this particular recipe was made specifically to make eating s'mores easier and more enjoyable. Easier for me, Laura of long hair and clean face and a strong dislike of woodsmoke. 


2 cups chocolate chips
1 TBSP coconut oil-butter is fine
15 marshmallows
1 package of graham crackers, 9 full sheets

line two muffin tins with muffin papers
melt chocolate chips and oil or butter over a double boiler
meanwhile cut marshmallows in quarters in to a mixing bowl
crush grahams in to roughly bite size pieces, right over the cut marshmallows, you'll get a lot of crumbs but that's great because those crumbs will help the sticky marshmallows stay separated
stir to coat any sticky edges also make sure you don't have any mega lumps of marshmallow
keep an eye on the chocolate!
when it is melted pour over the marshmallows and grahams
stir to combine
divide evenly between the 24 cups
you may get less if you are a nibbler, not that I would know about that
chill to set
and then quickly get them out of your house

Don't blame me your done-lap has a done-lap!

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Peace and Love-


  1. I have had s'mores in decades, mostly because of the fire issue because that's the way s'mores should be made, smiles. But now you have convinced me that I must try these. Ye gads...these do sound decadent. Thanks for another terrific keeper, Laura!

  2. These do sound extremely dangerous!

  3. Don't have a girdle, will Spanx do? ha ha!

  4. Ummm pictures?

    Of course the fact that you included no pictures also means that I'm not nearly as tempted by these.... never mind ;)

  5. These sound yummy.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Wow what a fun Summer treat..

    Thanks for linking up.. I am now back from my trip and will be back to seeing what you have been up to. Thanks for always being so kind to link up. Have an amazing weekend..

  7. They sound very yummy - definitely dangerous!

  8. Sounds easy and full of chocolate! Must be delish!

  9. wild fun!
    yummy post!
    Happy Friday!
    Your post rocks!

  10. GREAT!!! and yes sounds like the ultimate evil cookie, just like the kind I like to make.

  11. oh these too sound yummy!! thanks for sharing! have to pick up some marshmellows soon!

  12. Yummy....I love cookies...
    what a pleasure to meet you..
    I am your latest follower..
    sorry for being late..
    Mine is here
    Have a beautiful Sunday!


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