Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Birchtree Charter School


Birchtree Charter School

15 months.

That's how long I have worked on this project. Meetings, endless meetings, hours and hours of time from my life given to make this school happen.

From my first meeting in a walking cast right after ankle surgery, to speaking in front of the school board, to hiring committees, parent education nights, summer camp committee, social media manager and fundraising chair and so many big scary things I never wanted to do. But did anyway because choices in education are important to me and to all kids who don't quite fit in.

The culmination of 15 months of working and worrying have resulted in this: The Borough Assembly passed our chosen location. Perhaps they were swayed by the fact we weren't screaming at them about coal mining, also on the agenda tonight. Or maybe we were in and were just overly prepared to defend our choice. Whatever the reason the results are the same, my boys, loves of my life, joy of joys, my wildebeests will be attending a Waldorf Inspired Charter School 15 minutes from home.

Now that's something alright.

Peace and Love-


  1. SO proud and so happy to have that happening in the Valley! Maybe one day a move north would warrant the enrollment of a little Lydia.

    BTW, we're totally matchmaking Lydia and Dec. Just saying. :P :)

  2. Lydia and Declan hunh? Yeah I can see that, I love her parents so it stands to reason that we can plan a marriage!!

  3. HUGE Congrats, Laura! This is quite an achievement!!! I look forward to watching Birchtree Charter School grow! :)

  4. That's awesome. Congratulations! You're truly an inspiration.

  5. AWESOME JOB LAURA! A huge congratulations for both you and your hardwork and for your boys and the amazing school they get to attend!

  6. Way to hang in there. I'm not sure why you don't think your boys "fit in" though.


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