Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: But I'm Still Thrifting


But I'm Still Thrifting

Because I haven't gone COMPLETELY off the deep end. I actually missed the start of the Colony Days Parade (don't tell my husband) the other day because I was browsing in my local BA.

The I hit the mother of all yard sales with the coolest stuff ever. EVER. I spent too much money on an art deco couch for my new studio that I don't have yet. OK maybe I have completely lost it. Actually the sale was at a friends sister in-law's house and I didn't want the matching couch and chair (oops yes it is a chair and couch, cough cough) until someone looking at the house that was for sale too sat in my chair. And my hackles went up. "Ummmm it's sold" I told the lady when she asked how much. And it was and I am. It is the cutest little set and when I get my studio it will be fabulous in it. And of course now that I have waxed poetic about it I don't have pictures because my truck was full from me thrifting earlier in the day (cough cough again)

But I do have this:

Yes indeed I have found the ugliest Kewpie Doll ever made.

Oh and I found these owls.

Owl #1 is marked Pride Creations 1973 and he is a bank- I love his colors!

Owl #2 is marked Mann 1976 Japan

I originally thought I would sell the owls but have fallen in love. They may make it on to Etsy yet but for now they are chilling on my desk in the living room.

Is the summer getting to you? Or are you in control?

Peace and Love--



  1. I absolutely love both of your beautiful owls. The creepy Kewpie doll has its own charm as well...creepy charm... Cute blog, I'll be sure to follow for more thrifty fun :)

  2. The summer hasn't gotten to me yet, but I haven't found anything nearly as cute as those owls. I did buy about 8 shirts this past weekend. I kept finding really good brands that actually fit me so I did what any good thrifter would do. I bought them all. Let's see the couch!

  3. That pink and orange owl is fantastic!

  4. Ok that Kewpie doll scares me - is it supposed to be a soap dish? I don't understand it's body position? haha

    I LUUURVE the owls too! I'd keep them if I were you!

  5. I'm trying very hard to recenter myself (I've taken the summer off from my recipe page...for starters). Centering is not as easy as it sounds!! Since you are an Alaskan girl, I thought I'd share my latest project, I've written an article about a murder that happened in Knik in 1885. If you'd like to read it, go to my Alaska History page at: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~coleen/south_central_alaska.html and look for the KNIK MURDER link.

    I love your owls.

  6. You live in a pretty small community with so much great thrifting stuff. Do any of the former owners of said items ever claim previous ownership?

  7. Megan-they better not!!

    I really want to keep the owls too, but I need to buy a plane ticket so I might just list him on etsy or ebay :)

  8. lol @ "ugliest kewpie doll ever made".. it's a funny find. i love owls, that first one has amazing colours!
    ~ana @ iMadeItSo
    p.s. followed you here from apron thrift girl :)

  9. I am not in control. I do not have a meal plan. I do not have a written schedule in spite of 3 kids in soccer, a 4th kid with two jobs, multiple doctor and dentist appointments, camp and knitting still unfinished for the fundraiser. The summer is kicking my butt and its only June. The list of stuff I am supposed to be doing is epic. My motivation is tragic. Balance? not so much... Thrifting sounds like much more fun than organizing paperwork, trying to coax life into my sad moose munched waterlogged garden. Maybe I'll get my recyclable tea bags made tomorrow.

  10. Oh Steph! I feel your pain, I really do. Start small plan dinner ahead or a walk by yourself. I actually laid my calendar out on the counter and wrote everything in it, trying to stay on top of things.

  11. Owls are the hottest thing out there now....you got yourself a cutie there. Have a great weekend. Debbiedoos

  12. Thanks for the encouragement! I now have a plan. I can hear God laughing already....



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