Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Thrifted Sunday, the Real McCoy!


Thrifted Sunday, the Real McCoy!

Somehow with being off balance I still find myself drawn to thrift stores and rummage sales. It's like I can't NOT stop in and see what treasure I might find. I had one afternoon to myself last week, no kids, no anything, just me and the thrill of the find.

I started in my hometown and found these wonderful old Holly Hobbie pictures. Holly and Robby Hobbie. I didn't realize she had a brother or remember maybe because these are from my decade. These are a present for my sister who doesn't read my blog, she'll get them for Christmas this year.

Another Pyrex treasure for me, I love the split design for fridge storage, it makes living without plastic so easy!

This is a brand new NordicWare Anglette pan! Although I think this is a great pan I plan to list this one on ebay, I'm slowly chugging along in sales trying to make enough to pay my way to BlogHer Food '10.

Look at this beautiful teapot! It's marked Lubiana made in Poland 2 and I absolutely LOVE the shape.

And then in the last store I stopped in before getting a cup of coffee and sitting quietly by myself I found the real McCoy! Sitting forlornly on a shelf surrounded by cheap made in china junk was this regal beauty

A real McCoy pitcher from the '70s. Ahhhhhhhhh love it! And I'm going to sell it too.

So those are my treasures and finds for the week. If you are ever interested in any of my finds they may available on ebay, just ask! My seller id is laura706mnf and you can perform an advanced search on my id to find all my auctions.

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  1. WOW! You did good. Love that neat Pyrex dish and the Real McCoy should be a good seller. :) Visiting from Rhoda's party! :)

  2. Great finds. I have been collecting Pyrex for a month now but hunting hard in that time. I have yet to come accross a split dish like that.

  3. Wonderful finds. I love Pyrex and that is a cool split dish! The McCoy is so nice, good luck with your sales!

  4. I'm split on the split Pyrex dishes... : ) I have a few that of those split casseroles and I'm always wondering how they were intended to be used. Do you think housewives prepared 2 separate foods in them, like mash potatoes one one end and meats on the other?

  5. Thanks for the good wishes!

    Linda-I use it as serving or storage but I don't know the real intended use :( must do a little research-it would be great to reheat two different leftovers

  6. Love the Holly Hobbie!!! And my mom has a bunch of that McCoy stuff!

  7. Lovely finds, I love the McKoy pitcher.

  8. ah, love the pyrex, divided and with a lid to boot. nice! and oh holly hobbie, i have a big long post about her. and lil robby hobbie, always in her shadow. isn't that the way with siblings sometimes! fun finds.


  9. Fun finds. Love the little teapot..and Holly and Robbie of course.

  10. You are talking to a Pyrex addict and don't get me started on my collection of McCoy. Great finds.

  11. I have that same problem. Thrift stores call out to me and slow the van down. Garage sales just jump on the brakes.
    I gave up with ebay. Maybe I'll give it another try someday. Wishing you the best earning your way.


  12. It's funny because when I'm out and about looking for a good find, I always think..."ooh, I bet Laura would like this" :-)


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