Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Another Roll Your Own Party!


Another Roll Your Own Party!

These are the BEST parties. Basically I invited my foraging friends over for a "Roll Your Own" party, SUSHI that is. I supplied the space, we were 9 adults and 12 children, sushi wrappers, rice (sort of-heh), fresh salmon, and sauce makings. I asked my friends to bring what they like in sushi. We had cucumbers, spicy tuna, scallops, fresh salmon caviar, spicy mustard greens, wasabi, avocado and carrots. We used 20 sheets of nori and when we ran out of it we started making nigari and then rice balls. In the end we mixed a bowl of leftovers in to a salad and had a big plate of leftover veggies to munch on too. It was quite a feast with friends.

The children were a little feral but they usually are around these parts and some pretty great foam sword fights were had before dinner was ready.

After the party I knew I had to buckle down and get the gravlax curing, fresh salmon is only fresh for so long. I made a double batch because I discovered how well it freezes last year. Now I'll have lox ready to eat this winter whenever I want! Now I need to figure out what to do with the rest of the salmon. I'm thinking of smoking half of it and freezing the rest in to dinner size pouches.

I discovered something unfortunate about my camera, I'm afraid to use it sometimes. I took it on our camping trip and left it in the truck the whole time except to take 3 pictures! I missed so many fantastic shots but I was worried it would get wet or dropped in the sand or crushed in some random boy moment.

I did get this shot of our camp set up though. We were attempting to get out of the wind and rain with our tarp city. Have you ever squeezed 11 people in to such a small space? It was kind of humid in there when the smoke wasn't burning your eyes out. Jack, Dan and Stephanie the other 2 pictures can be purchased for a NOMINAL price or they will be published here in one week. Remember the talk of chest waders? Yeah, I thought so. Pay up people! On the other hand if someone WANTS to see those pictures here...name your price. HA!

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  1. Fantastic party! Blinis & caviar at our house next month.....

    It occurred to me today that it might be worthwhile to poach up a couple of fish whole and flake off the flesh then freeze it in bags with all the chowder fixin's save potatoes for those winter nights when I'd rather knit than cook. Just boil some potatoes, add a jar or baggie of stock and the baggie of other stuff & supper is on. For me that's onions sauteed with bacon and some carrot, corn, and fish.

  2. What a great idea for a party. I enlarged your photo and it all looks so wonderful!


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