Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Did you miss me?


Did you miss me?

Yes it's true we took a vacation, oh wait not a vacation a fishing trip. A down and dirty get in, get out fishing trip. We were gone about 36 hours total and it consumed about 3 days with prep work and clean up. I was so tired tonight when we decided to watch Mary Poppins I fell sound asleep until the credits rolled.

We drove to Kenai and went dipnetting, which is basically standing chest deep in the ocean at the mouth of the Kenai river with a GIANT fishing net. As the fish swim upstream they swim in to the net and you quickly and gracefully exit the water and easily remove the fish. OK that's lie, it's impossible to gracefully waddle out of the surf in neoprene chest waders with your jeans and long underwear on. Add the impossibility of actually walking out of the ocean without it sucking you back in and some well placed sinking mud holes and you soon realize there is just no way to look cool. So while you waddle, pray that your neoprene don't really have a hole and accidentally leave two big muddy hand prints on your ass just realize that everyone else looks about the same.

We caught fish! I think 15 was our final count. Less than last year but we still have fish from last year to use up so 15 feels like a good number. Tonight is our 2nd annual "Roll Your Own Sushi" party and I just can't wait. The fresh salmon in the sushi is going to be spectacular and sharing it with our friends will make it even better.

I am remiss in posting the winner of the beautiful Le Creuset 5 3/4 quart casserole. The winner is Linda who said:

Linda said...
I'm a follower of yours!
July 25, 2010 1:30:00 PM AKDT

I met Linda last year at a blogging conference and she is as sweet as pie. I'm so happy for her! Yeah LINDA!! Send me your address and I'll pass it along.

I have also not been by to visit all the Just Another Meatless Monday posts. I will be by! I just need to freeze some fish, smoke some fish, cure some fish, host a sushi party, wash every piece of clothing that smells like smoke, mow the lawn, weed whip the periphery, clean up after the geese, make yogurt, pick peas, eat mustard greens, harvest broccoli, make compost and NAP. But I will be by I promise.

Peace and Love--


  1. WOW! Thank you Laura. ! I'll send you my address.

  2. You are brave to eat raw salmon. I've seen too many tiny worms in salmon.

  3. That's it? And you still haven't been around to visit. Sheesh ;) Sounds like a great little vacay!

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