Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday #21


Just Another Meatless Monday #21

Hey What's For Dinner

I want how it is possible to have the nicest day of summer butted up against the nastiest day of summer? Two complete opposite ends of the weather spectrum within 12 hours. Perhaps if I watched tv or listened to the radio (don't listen NPR I still love you) I might have an inkling of the weather. Maybe more often than not they are wrong, so why bother? Because I might have seen the weather change coming and had a warm and cozy menu planned instead of cold pasta salad. When 3 o'clock rolled around I decided to skip pasta salad and threw some bread dough together in the kitchenaid. No real plan in mind just warm food was good enough for me.

We are working down stairs creating a studio for me, so easy had to fit in there and quick to make, too. I was washing walls in preparation for fresh paint when I thought of making hand pies, kind of a homemade version of hot pockets only better. Much better! We enjoyed a quick dinner before settling in to watch Darby O'Gill and the Little People, I love those old Disney movies, they are so much better than anything Disney is pumping out now. Somehow a special movie night on a rainy day always seem just right.

Hand Pies-makes six-eight mega hand pies
1 batch of bread dough, enough for 2 loaves
various fillings-tonight's fillings were
spinach and feta
peanut butter and jelly
other ideas include
roasted veggies and cheese
scrambled eggs
various leftovers
pepperoni and cheese
leftover steak,with cheese and peppers
basically the possibilities are endless!

gather your fillings
after the dough is done with it's first rise punch it down
divide the dough in to as many pieces as desired, smaller pieces mean smaller pies
flatten each piece in to a circle
if the dough is hard to work with let it rest for 5 minutes or so it may be easier to work with
on half of each circle layer on your fillings
fold over and crimp or pinch the edges together
when the pies are filled bake in a 375˚ oven for 20-30 minutes depending on size or
until golden brown and cooked through
cool at least 5 minutes before eating

These were a great big hit, easy to eat once cooled and delicious too. I love have something like this in my arsenal because leftovers can easily be wrapped up and made new again. I don't know about you but anyway I can use leftovers works for me.

What vegetarian delights have you been whipping up? New or old posts can be submitted, you never know what might inspire someone to go Meatless on Monday. If you want to join in simply add your link, grab the turkey button and add it back to your post(or simply link back your choice) and leave a comment. Be sure to visit and say hi to everyone participating today, it's a great way to find new to you blogs!

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  1. Yum! What a great recipe to be able to switch up. Also convenient to freeze or have individual servings for those nights when everybody eats at a different time.

    This week I'm sharing the celery slaw and the carrot salad that was then turned into carrot soup!

  2. Was your dough more like a calzone or a light fluffy crust typically like the ones used for pie?

  3. Hey laura, this hand pie recipe is totally wicked awesome! question though, what type of bread dough do you use? Do you think this would work with sourdough? I wanna make these! My recipe this week is really an experiment! Roasted corn in a chiminea! it rocked! :) Thanks for sharing your space with us! Alex@amoderatelife

  4. Um, handpie sounds so dirty. Or is it just my mind ;) These sound pretty killer...I need to get my handpie on!


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