Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday #22 Vegan Ribs


Just Another Meatless Monday #22 Vegan Ribs

Hey What's For Dinner

A vegan friend of mine on facebook posted a recipe for Vegan Barbecue Ribs the other day. I was intrigued, could you actually make something vegan and vegetarian that really felt and tasted like meat? I knew what I was making this week for Just Another Meatless Monday, Vegan Ribs. I had to try it!

Honestly my kids didn't know they were vegetarian until I told them. They were good, chewy crunchy in spots and definitely rib-like. And seriously perfect for the days after slaughtering birds when no meat is the best option for me. If you want a bit of adventure in your Meatless Monday give these a whirl, I dare you!

Vegan Barbecue Ribs
2 cups vital wheat gluten flour
1 7/8-2 cups of water
2 TBSP vegan beef broth or vegetable broth
2 TBSP nutritional yeast
1 TBSP tomato paste
2 TBSP tahini
pour the flour in a mixing bowl
add the water, broth, yeast and tomato paste
mix well
remove the dough and knead on the counter until smooth and stretchy
pat out flat and cut in to strips
rub the tahini over the strips and then place on a lightly oiled cookie sheet
bake for 20 minutes at 375˚
flip and bake another 10 or until crispy
brush with barbecue sauce the last 5 minutes or so

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  1. Congrats, Laura...that's very cool! And I am soooo intrigued by these "ribs". Vital Wheat Gluten is the only type of "flour" in them? I'm used to only using small amounts to add to breads, I never thought of using it as a main ingredient! They sound good, though! I've linked up my homemade coconut milk today =)

  2. So glad your Meatless Monday is getting such good publicity - and your 'ribs' sound amazing! I'm sorry I've not posted something more original this week but having been on holiday I'm a bit short of my own meatless recipes to share - the site I've linked to has some wonderful meatless recipes and great inspiration and it may be new to your readers as it is a British one. Hope that's okay - I wanted to support your Meatless Monday somehow or other!! I'll definitely post one of my own recipes again next week :)

  3. Come on over and leave a meatless recipe on My Meatless Mondays.


  4. Congratulation on your success with this meme. Meatless, on any day. is quite a challenge to my 16 year old son. He said he actually liked the salad (he gobbled the dressing)...that is a compliment! Haven't done a lot with vital wheat glutin, except in homemade whole wheat bread...the recipe is intriguing. Joni


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