Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Thrifted Sunday-A Second Hand Cat


Thrifted Sunday-A Second Hand Cat

I found two delicious pans this week at my second favorite thrift store:

And my favorite board game! My Grandmother had this game when I was little, my cousins and I  played it for hours. I have never seen one in a thrift store so I HAD to buy it. Right?

And then on to our second hand cat. He's been lurking for months now. We fed him a while back and he disappeared for 2 weeks. I was worried for those two weeks but knew he could really have been someones cat. Nevertheless I was worried.
Then suddenly Thursday there he was meowing in bluebell field, sunning himself. I ran off to get a can of cat food, fell down and damn near broke my leg trying to get to him before he ran off. I guess I didn't need to worry he hasn't left since that day. We have left him outside for the most part because he really didn't want to come in. He has faithfully stayed here on our porch and in our garage since then.

He watched while we slaughtered the nasty rooster and turkey, interested but not in the way and NOT trying to eat anything. He watched while we reorganized the birds, again interested but not in the way. He swatted the dog a couple times but only to make sure she wasn't going to bite him. Kami, the dog simply wagged her tail and smiled.

Kami is a lovely second hand dog herself and seems to love every animal we have.  Our free ranging turkeys often considered her their mama and followed her faithfully where ever she went. Last year the goose groomed her lovingly and again she smiled. She knows she has it good even when 50 pound boys try to make her pull them in the sled or she has to stay home yet again because we don't want to smell her in the truck.

Yesterday the cat finally came in the house. He'd been lying on the porch, surrounded by curious baby turkeys, studiously ignoring them. I called him in when we came home with supplies for dipnetting. He was cautious and curious. He was also hungry, we didn't realize this of course, then he stole a bag of hot dog buns from a grocery sack. This is the cat who was just moments earlier surrounded by tasty helpless turkey bites and he stole a bag of hot dog buns instead of a bird. Impressive to say the least.

So now we have a cat, named Pangur Bán after the cat from the movie Brendon and the Book of Kells. A second hand cat to hangout with our lovely thrifted dog and all the free range baby turkeys we can stand.
I have one question for anyone who has done this before: how do you train a feral cat to use a litter box? Do you need to? Do you let it in and out like a dog? How often is too often to send him out? Would we start by placing a litter box outside to use? Any advice is definitely helpful at this point.

Peace and Love--


  1. Those pans rock!! And the cat is beautiful =) We've taken in a couple of ferals over the years. Most are pretty good at knowing to use the box...it's just a cat instince, I think. Just make sure they know where it is. Lead them to it...pick them up and set them inside. That's always done the trick here. For some reason, males seem to be a bit more resistant...but only if there's another cat around (is there?). The only thing that's ever really been a problem with bringing in a feral cat has been with the male lettingout his "scent"...spraying, if you will. That is the worst thing in the world to me...but they don't all do it. Okay, that's all I know ;)

  2. Not sure... I have only ever had cats that I let go outside like a dog... guess I a lazy I never wanted to clean the box.

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  4. What a loving home you have for your pets. That is one lucky cat.

    By any chance, do you watch Mad Men? There was a beautiful pyrex baby blue snowflake casserole featured prominently in one of the scenes tonight.

  5. How nice that you found the game you have such fond memories of.
    Enjoy it and play it often (or will you keep it safe somewhere?)

  6. What a beautiful kitty! Good luck with her. I can't really help you out as cats confound me. I've always had dogs. I don't declare myself a dog person and disdain cats, I've just never had the opportunity to share my life with a cat. If it's a male I do think you'll want to get him fixed as males are wont to spray their territory. I think fixing them helps with that issue. Keep us posted.

  7. I love the look of the Uncle Wiggley game! I want to play!

  8. I forgot all about Uncle Wiggly. I had him when I was a kid. Cute game. Cute cat too!

  9. Love the pans! Did you see this site by chance?

  10. I have 3 ferals and yes they know how to use the box. You do show it to them... and I scratched around in the box as they watched from under the kitchen table... but had no problems stepping up when they needed to. My ferals are now 6 years and 2 are 4-5 the 6 year old has become increasingly less feral and the 5 year olds are still fraidy cats. I lub dem though :)
    Great pans although they do burn (without lots of butter) but make fabulous scrambled eggs.


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