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Amazing Alaska

Drive for a hundred miles in Alaska and you can be in a completely different climate, with different trees, geography and animals. It's like being in a foreign country in your own state, it's kinda cool. That happened to us today. We drove farther north than I have been in a LONG time. In to caribou country, at least that's what the signs said, we saw no caribou.

here we are the 3 Amigas!

Today was the first clear morning in a month and we had plans to head out blueberry picking, I did NOT want to go. I saw the sun and really wanted to stay home. I'm really glad I went, don't get me wrong it's just that when it's the first non cloudy day in a month I look around at all the things I should be doing, I start to feel a bit guilty. Imagine how pleased I was when it got cloudy here before we left. And 100 miles north was fantastically beautiful and clear as a bell.

We drove and drove and drove, or so it seemed to the three wildebeests in the back seat. The scenery was beautiful but we didn't stop to ogle glaciers, mountains or rivers. We did ogle them from the truck though along with weird microwave radio towers thingies, huge bridges and the great iron mountains (they looked rusty!). Trips with kids take longer if you stop so we don't, or we try not to. We do stop if that's what kind of trip it is, sightseeing can be great. This was a berry mission.


And can I just say mission accomplished? If this is a post about picking berries why did I NOT take pictures of my berries? Why am I not hauling my ass out of the chair and taking pictures of berries? Well I'm kinda whipped here people. We picked berries and wrangled kids forever, er no, for 4 hours. It was HOT out there. The kids, once they realized "this was it" were for the most part great. They really wanted our berry pickers scoops, tools make jobs fun! Note to me BUY MORE BERRY SCOOPS AND PUT THOSE BOYS TO WORK.

here's our berry picking spot-the view north

and the view south-see all that green that's NOT swamp spruce? Yeah those are blueberry bushes, bog cranberries and moss about 2 feet thick

we did stop on the way home to play for a few minutes in Long Lake-everyone fell or deliberately got wet mmmm stinky wet little boys!

Here's baby Jo-the only girl with us today

All I have to say is the berries are cleaned and put up. And soon I will be too.

Peace and Love--

one more cool amazing thing about Alaska? We are the farthest north state, the farthest west  and the farthest east. Plus we are 2x the size of Texas...


  1. OMG, what gorgeous pic, Laura! That one of Long Lake is a prize-winner for sure!

    What a great, beautiful day. I'm glad you shared it with us! :)

  2. Thanks for linking up.. I am so happy you had a great time with your friends. It was great to have you. I am hosting this event again Next Friday if you want to join in.. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow, what a blast from the past this post was for me. When I was kid, my dad was stationed at Ft. Richardson, and the moms would take us all blueberry picking.

    The only problem? The best local blueberry spot was above the tree line on a slope leading up the radar aimed at the then USSR, that we were supposed to pretend we didn't know about.

    So every few hours the MP's would show up and herd everyone down away from the blueberry bushes. That meant a break of about half an hour before the MP's would be gone and everyone would head back up the mountain.

    Good times.


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