Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: And Suddenly (a thrifted giveaway)


And Suddenly (a thrifted giveaway)

Somehow and with out proper warning it's fall. I remember feeling somewhere in August, yeah I'm ready for summer to be done. And well, that was a lie. I LIED. I'm just not ready to be done. Even though fall is perhaps my favorite season I kind of want another month of warm weather.

As summers go it wasn't half bad. The weather was not grand but like I kept saying, it made it easier to be inside working on the school if it wasn't pretty and sunny outside. The school took a lot of my time but I am perfectly happy to admit that it was worth it.

The days were long and the nights short as usual here. This is the first year where I fell exhausted in to bed while the sun was still shining. I usually fight it. Not this year I was so tired!

We had birds, about 30 this year. 20 some chickens, turkeys and geese. The geese worked the garden over pretty good but they have been harvested now. I'll just put it this way: they ate just about everything the slugs didn't but they sure will be tasty for Christmas.

The only hale and hearty crops I grew this year were-
  • Sugar Snap Peas-successive planting and an expanded growing area
  • Carrots-planted early and successively we were munching carrots by early July and still have lots to go
  • Greens-mustard hit early on and we still have kale going strong
  • Potatoes-wah always a nice haul
  • Basil-grown in the house we have pesto put away for winter and more still to make
  • Green Beans-grown in the house and green house we've enjoy this rare summer crop a LOT this summer-one in three years is a green bean year up here
  • slugs, snails and aphids-protein for birdies
My boys, oh my boys! One moved out, one somehow has grown up and the third is breaking my heart with his utter angelic self. I have thoroughly enjoyed my boys this summer. Except Hero, I wish things were different but he is and I am and that's good.

We lost our lovely yellow dog, Kami. I miss her. And that could pass along with summer, I'd like to miss her less.

But with fall comes hot days and cold crispy nights. The stars and moon are a fresh joy to us because the nights are dark again. Crops are being hauled in. Preserved. Gardens composted. Birds harvested. A tucking in if you will. Schedules are resumed and the rhythm is set. That I look forward to. A certain sense of calm as the days settle in. So perhaps I'm ready after all, for harvests, dark nights and a dependable rhythm.
How about you? Are you ready, when you truly get to the essence of what change will entail, are you ready to move along and embrace what's next? Or are you fighting it? I'd like to hear about it.

To help make the transition to fall a happy and fun time I decided to host a giveaway, brought to you by ME! And also because I hit 200 followers! I'm giving away a 'treasure', which is my way of saying, thrifted. In my opinion these are the best to give and get anyway. So the prize package is a surprise, fun! I've picked a few of my favorite treasures to bestow upon ONE lucky follower! It will run from the time this goes live to the end of Just Another Meatless Monday on Labor Day.

The details:
  • you must be a follower to enter this contest-plain and simple if you don't appear under the followers button you can't enter-feed burner doesn't count this time folks
  • leave a comment on changes in your life this fall
  • if you blog roll me leave an extra comment
  • if you share this post via facebook (hit share) or twitter @whats4dinnermom leave a comment
  • and finally I WANT Just Another Meatless Monday to be huge next week! So for EVERY post new or old you share on THIS coming Just Another Meatless Monday, September 6th leave a separate comment
So what do you think it is? 
a puppy?

a 3 year old chocolate santa 

circa 1980 Battleship game?

sweet vintage kitsch?

Peace and Love--


  1. I'm a follower. As for how my life is changing this fall, my four year old just started kindergarten. He's adjusting to a new schedule and I"m adjusting to the new time commitment.

  2. well...summer is winding down quite nicely....lots n' lots of fabulous bike riding.......about 232 miles in 15 days of rides....all over the city......Lake Hood is amazing....
    dining room is finally done!! lovely new paint....vintage photos of Paris neatly framed.....crispy white eyelet cafe curtains i sewed all by myself!! now onto Fall...more bike rides.....making some yummy new liquers.....more baking...and lotsa' delish yardwork to wrap it up!!

  3. I follow!! This year fall means that the youngest grandchild started school.So, no more sleeping in with Grammie and spur of the moment trips to the 'green store'(aka Goodwill). There is however, her delight in showing me what's in her bookbag every day and her joy in reading.

  4. I just became a follower. I read your blog every day but for some reason never "followed" Sorry.
    My life is full of changes.
    We are doing some major work on our house this fall. Siding the new addition, finishing the last room of the addition, installing a furnace where one has never been.
    I am continuing on with school. I decided to go for a second degree and I'm truly questioning my sanity on that decision.

  5. Of course I'm a follower! :)

    Changes this fall include finishing this damn house!!! I can't WAIT!

  6. You've been on my blogroll since I "met" you! :)

  7. I am a follower!! I have a lot of changes this fall. We start school on Tuesday and I homeschool my 3 kids so we are going to be BUSY! Plus, I have a new baby starting in October for daycare. Busy, busy!!

  8. You're on my blog roll!! Great giveaway! I love finding TREASURES at thrift stores!! We just found a talking Darth Vadar mask last week. The kids LOVE it!

  9. Well happy Fall! And what a fun little surprise giveaway.

    Not sure what Fall has in store for us. Hopefully cooler weather, and day trips and pumpkins. Lots of PUMPKINS! We miss our doggie and bunny too. So a puppy would be nice!

  10. Oh, changes. I think I can speak to that. This summer was probably one of the best I have had in a long time. Despite the rain, my overloaded schedule, and my huge family, I managed to make some new wonderful friends who share a love of nature and simpler things and who trusted me enough to drive long distances and hike some scary trails in order to reap some awesome bounties. Thank you!! However, like all great things, the fall brings these summer adventures to a close. The good news is, the biggest change of all has left me in the wake of a whole new adventure...home ownership! Beyond all the odds, my family and I have found ourselves moving into a new home in a new town. We are full of awe and gratefullness. I am still hoping, however, that the turning season and the extra mileage will not diminish the fruits of my summer...my friendship with YOU!!! XO, Jamey

  11. i am a follower...not for very long...but still an avid follower

    Changes for me this year?? I have mainly/mostly given up eating meat.
    Not entirely my decision(mostly my molar's decision for me) but it has been good-- i don't really miss it.
    When i feel the urge to eat meat-- i have a quick something away from the house....no cooking at home.

    I have been exercising continuously now since April 2009-- walking-- running-- x-c country skiing last winter and now biking all over creation. It feels terrific to know that I didn't use the cold weather/snow and dark as an excuse to sit around all winter....i was able to keep up my weight loss and keep up my momentum!! which was really important to my mental health!!

    ciao for now!! Mary Beth

  12. Am I too late??? Anything but an animal please!!! (I am a follower)
    The biggest change is that my youngest child is in kdg 3 full days a week. I have 8 living children and have been doing this full time for 22 years - sob, when she goes to school I feel like I am out of a job!


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