Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday #26 Chopped Salad


Just Another Meatless Monday #26 Chopped Salad

Hey What's For Dinner

I saw somewhere that the calorie count in a chopped salad was ______ calories, I don't remember
where or the exact amount of calories but I do remember thinking "how can a salad have so many calories? it's vegetables!" For heavens sake how ridiculous. My idea of a good chopped salad is every fresh vegetable you happen to have, chopped it to bite size pieces, salted, peppered and that's it. I like to make sure I have a good fresh tomato or two because their juice really make a great 'dressing' eliminating the need for any heavy dressing.

This is my version of a chopped salad. Please take the idea, make it yours, use what you have on hand or can pull from the garden or find in the farmers market. I really only make this salad this time of year because every thing tastes so great. Plus I'm always looking for ways to use what's fresh now! It's also a great way to use up the bits and pieces maybe the lone ripe tomato or an extra handful of sugar snap peas.

Chopped Salad
2 ripe juicy fresh tomatoes
1 ear of corn
2 large cucumbers
3 cups of sugar snap peas
handful of carrots from the garden
1/4 basil leaves

wash trim and chop all veggies in to bite size pieces
cut the basil in to chiffonade, strips
mix everything together lightly
allow to marinate at least 2 hours
add salt and pepper to taste

I served this as a side to roasted cabbage and cheese sauce for a delicious vegetarian lunch today. Enjoyed it OUTSIDE in the SUN before we got back to work building our cob oven. More on the cob oven later this week, I got some great shots of the kids making cob. Also don't forget to drop in on the granola bar giveaway and leave a comment to win a great gift pack from Nature Valley.

I am needing some new Autumnal ideas for vegetarian eating, can you help? I 'm not sure what I'll be doing when the plethora of fresh vegetables available out my back door is a frozen waste land. But we'll think about fall later, right now why don't you link up your favorite new or old post with a vegetarian meal to inspire all of us for the last few weeks of summer! Grab the turkey button, link up and get inspired! I know I was lax last week in visiting all my wonderful link party friends but I tell you it was crunch week for the new school. This is a whole new week and things are hopefully not as crazy as last week.

Peace and Love--


  1. Your chopped salad looks really fresh and delicious! Thanks for hosting Meatless Monday.

  2. Just thinking fall makes me happy! I love the look of your chopped salad..yum! Brought some good snackin' food today =)

  3. Your chopped salad look delish! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Hi Laura! I came by last night but you werent up yet, so here I am with my recipe! I love your chopped salad, but I will say that adding a small bit of oil or nuts or cheese will help the body absorb WAY more vitamins and minerals from your salad. You dont have to add a whole bunch, even if you added in some olives it would help because many of the compounds in the vegetables are fat soluble. A TOUCH would make this a whole bunch healtier! My recipe this week is a mark bittman summer classic-Broiled grapefruit, which sounds weird, but it divine! :) Alex@amoderatelife

  5. Our families current favorite is the recipe of "Indian Dahl" from the VegWeb website.
    I 2x or 4x the recipe as that will use a pound or 2 pounds of lentils (what ever the store has works well). The spices give them an amazing flavor that can NOT be beat. Make a non-spicy pot for the kids and treat yourself to the "real deal" if you dare. :)


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