Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Perspective



Last week my mother called to offer me a little perspective on our four weeks of rain. She offered up what she called a horror story. Seems we were getting pretty close to breaking a 59 year record for the number of consecutive rainy days. The record was from 1951 and it was for 27 days.

In 1951 my grandmother lived in a one room cabin with no electricity. With 3 kids, one being my mother. No running water. No washer/dryer. No toilet. A wood cook stove. No tv. One room with mattresses on the floor that were leaned up on the walls during the day, with 3 kids. One child in a mostly permanent cast for club foot correction. My grandfather worked a 12 hour shift on a dam an hour away. My grandmother was home alone with 3 kids in a one room cabin on gravel highway 50 miles from nowhere in Alaska. Her family was left in Iowa in 1946 as was his, when they struck out to find their future. And their grandparents? Ha, they lived in a dug out house under the prairie with their kids which probably made living in a cabin seem like a dream

And sometimes I think I have it bad because my computer runs slow. Or my oven burns bread. Or the feed store is out of chicken feed. I guess in reality I have it pretty good because I sure as heck am not running to the outhouse or dodging everyone's wet laundry in my one room cabin. So I'll take my 32+days of rain, in my heated electrified house and shut the hell up.

Peace and Love--


  1. We lived in a 600 SF cabin without water for a year. We did have electricity. I think it might have been easier to live without power than without water- the dishes, the outhouse, the showers, the laundry. Especially with babies. But it was cozy and close and not something I regret in any way. If I could afford the 18 acre remote homestead on Kodiak, I'd consider it if not for the school issue.

  2. Well said!! My folks first home was a TINY cabin in Chugiak in 1950 (no water, power,etc. etc.) She said the cabin was so small that she bent down to pick me up and her "bum" (she was English) got burned on the wood stove...lol...now THAT is a small cabin. Makes a person thin, doesn't it?

  3. I should stop cpmplaining about the heat and be thankful that we live in an air conditioned house.

  4. Amazing what a little perspective will do for you, huh? I don't think I could have survived those days. Especially the days with endless rain and being cooped up with little ones. We've had endless heat this summer (100+) so that's like everyone else's snow days. These are the days we stay inside.

    Hang in there (and pray for sun)


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