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Thrifted Sunday

Well my thrifting time was very limited this week due to our school getting ready to open and spending as much time as possible with my sons. When I started to feel a little sad about Union starting school the boys would get a in tussle and suddenly I didn't feel too sad. And Hero is a senior and will graduate at semester.
I'm so proud of this boy. He was pretty much deemed a loser by the local high school and was left to fall through the cracks. I looked for another school and came up with an alternative school. In one year he made up for 2 years of failure and he's actually graduating at semester. He was not a loser, high school just didn't fit him!
Like I said my thrifting time was limited but of course I did get out. My mother gave me this beautiful little sail boat quilt she bought at the BARN SALE. I didn't see her buy it but she thought my boys might like it. Their mother certainly does!!

Then I found this beautiful vintage Baret Ware tray at my favorite haunt. I love trays! And they are hard to come by. I snatched this right up.

Then I found some great books, 2 for kids:

and a SkiJor book with a foreword by Susan Butcher, the great Alaskan Dog Musher.

And 2 beautiful sets of sterling silver cufflinks:

These are presents so don't tell!!

If you want to check out some other awesome thrifting finds be sure to check out Southern Hospitality and Apron Thrift Girl, their link ups start later. I love to peruse their link up parties for great ideas and information on collectibles and re-selling.

If you are coming from Southern Hospitality or Apron Thrift Girl, welcome! And why not check out the awesome Just Another Meatless Monday link party for lots of thrifty meatless meal ideas, that starts tonight about 10 pm Alaskan Standard Time. What could be more thrifty than meals without meat?
thanks for coming by!

Peace and Love--


  1. I'm a sucker for trays too and that is definitely a nice one.

    My husband was deemed a loser too and the school system didn't give a flip about him either so he dropped out his sophomore year. He eventually did do back to school and we graduated together but I hate that the school systems let that happen to good students. Aggravates the heck out of me. I'm proud of your son too!

  2. Count me in the tray club, too. I love the one you found, and the quilt. What a nice mother you have!


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