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Thrifted Sunday

Another busy week but I did squeeze in one day of thrifting alone. I was not even expecting it which makes it seem all the more a bonus. I got a late afternoon reminder phone call for a dentist appointment in the city for the next day. So I set off alone the next morning and spent about 3 hours thrifting blissfully alone. I love to go with my kids but being able to dig deep in to thrift stores alone is hard with a jumpy 4 year old boy, he has his limits. I was definitely refreshed after coming home from my day out and my boys were happy to see me too.

What I forgot to take pictures of are four vintage 100% Virgin Wool Pendleton Mens Shirts. They are beautiful and will be up on Ebay soon.
I found another tray, to feed my addiction to both vintage Christmas kitsch and trays, wahoo!

4 bags of vintage embroidery floss. Each one a quarter, each one had 10 skeins of floss. 40 skeins for 1.00! Perfect for embellishing felted wool goodies.
A final swoop through one store's kitchen department garnered me this:


Yes real original Anchor Hocking plates. They were marked 3.50 each and honestly I didn't mind paying that much. They are quite rare and hard to find in Alaska so they were indeed worth it to me. I love the swirls in the plates, they're so beautiful. When I went to check out the girl at the register was kind of swamped and also being bothered by an intoxicated woman demanding to try on jewelry. I was patient because my kids were not with me and standing quietly by myself is not something I mind. When it was my turn the girl apologized profusely and I told her not to worry. She looked at my obviously old plates, snorted "3.50??" and charged me a dollar for both of them. When I raised my eyebrow in question she waved me away and finished checking me out. I felt weird but I'm also sure it was her way of saying thank you for not being drunk and rude to me. Should I have paid full price? Probably, but was it worth causing her grief? No, think not.

Did you thrift this week? Tell me about it! Or better yet link up to Southern Hospitality and Apron Thrift Girl and check out their finds. I love their thrifting link ups, full of great ways to use thrifted goods or a to get a bit of an education too.
If you are coming from Apron Thrift Girl or Southern Hospitality why not check out my link party starting Monday, Just Another Meatless Monday. It's a great way to find meatless meal ideas and new to you blogs. If you have a blog and want to share a recipe post please do! The more the merrier is my opinion. Thanks for stopping by!
And if you don't already know, I'll be speaking at BlogHer Food 10, so if you're going make sure you track me down and say hi! I'll be the nervous out of place farmer hippie girl from Alaska slumped in the corner, ha!

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  1. (Bugün Bloglardan Seçmelerde Umutlu hayat Berna hanımın lohusa şerbetini yayınladım. Her Pazartesi yayınlanmak üzere Sizinde yayınlanmasını istediğiniz yemek tariflerinizi beklerim.)


  2. I just went thrift store shopping this afternoon and the kids are playing with all of their "new" stuff. Couple of Barbies, some more play food, a new DVD, new dress, couple of shirts. The big find was a talking Darth Vadar mask. It must have been part of a costume as it is very authentic looking. It breathes and talks like Darth Vadar. The kids love it!

  3. you always find the BEST STUFF and your blog is so nice!! very fresh...you won't be the hippie girl slumped in the corner...you will be in charge of yourself....you will be amazing!! oxox mb

  4. I love those plates! Gorgeous and a great deal (even at $3.50!) I definitely have seen my fair share of drunks at the thrift stores in my area. I'm sure the girl behind the counter was thrilled to have a nice customer.

  5. Your plates are gorgeous, and how lovely to have your kindness repaid!


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