Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Tuesday



I love you Tuesday, because you are normal. No running willy nilly, no trips to see Walking with Dinosaurs, Costco runs or extended school volunteering. Just a day, to grocery shop a little, hang with my youngest little boy, dig in the garden, enjoy the sunshine and live.

I'm looking for our rhythm too. This whole school everyday thing is a huge adjustment for our family. How we set our rhythm determines how well our life flows. With the school opening eating my life, then this new schedule what worked well before just doesn't anymore. We are a construction zone I guess.

Luckily the beauty of this ripe season is not lost on us. One thing that is terribly important to our family is being able to see how wonderfully beautiful the world around us is. And sharing it.

Ohh! Last day to enter to win granola bars. And make sure you come back tomorrow for a really big shiny awesome announcement! 

Peace and Love-

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  1. I'm baaaaack. Miss me?! :)

    Can't wait to hear the shiny announcement!


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