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Azure Standard

I have stepped off the grocery store train. When I have to go it is such an assault on the senses I often times come out with things I never wanted and I tend to forget things from my list even though I go right down the aisle a certain product is on. And I read my list out loud too. Yeah, the other shoppers love me.

I discovered Azure Standard about 9 months ago after joining a food co-op. I ordered and loved it, I bought my beans and dried goods from them, plus Dr. Bronners and some storage buckets for flour and such and gallon jars for beans. Now I skip the co-op and order direct because while I love the co-op it's a long drive to get there!

What is Azure Standard? From their website in their words:"We specialize in natural, organic, earth-friendly foods and products. We deliver directly to customers, buying clubs and retailers by semi truck and UPS." In my words: "A lifesaver!" I can buy just about anything and everything for a healthy lifestyle from Azure Standard, and I can do it from home at midnight on a Thursday. No interruptions, no insane advertising, no aisles to trek up and down and my list is so easy to finish.

What do I buy from them? Beans, cheese (FETA 4 pounds in a bucket!), nuts, organic fruits, frozen organic fruits, jars, buckets, soap and on and on. I buy anything and everything I would buy at the store in the natural foods department for a FRACTION of the price. We have a health food store in Anchorage, the closest city, and this far and away beats them too. I love to shop at the health food store and support local business' so I do pop in when I'm in the city, it's a great store. 

I made a statement about shopping local a while back and it still stands true. I love to shop local but that's hard to come by in the days of Walshmart and other big business, so I like to think of the Internet as MY place and of course YOUR place to find and support small cottage industries. Main street is not only in your town these days but all of America can be your main street. I think of Azure Standard as a  company supporting lots of business' because you can buy cheese from 10-20 business' instead of 1 or 2. And the prices are great because there's no retail middle man to pay.

Sure it may seem intimidating and hard but it's not if you break in slowly with a meal plan and small orders to start with. I keep adding more and more things each order and this in turn scales back my shopping at other stores. I think Steph over Up North had a great set of posts about Azure and ordering, I think I'll be going back and reading them over again.

One thing about ordering: you do have to pay freight, which is about 35 cents a pound. If you are in the valley you might think about joining up with us because we have our freight costs down to about 25 cents a pound. This means my 20 pounds of fantastic peaches will cost me about 25 dollars for peaches and shipping, not too shabby for organic fruit.

I do still support local farmers: I have a source for local raised pork (email for details), chickens (again email me), milk and tomatoes. I also grow as much of our food as possible, dip net salmon and forage for berries and greens. Plus we have meat and egg birds on our farm. 

Come back tomorrow for a giveaway and to see our new rescued kitty. Guess who loves the new rescued kitty? Yep, wonder dog thinks she is the bees knees, he shares his food and water with her even though she has her own. If you live in the valley MSB Animal Control is having a cat sale which is where wonder kitty is from.

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  1. Laura, thanks for the info and answering my question about Azure. Definitely worth pursuing. And also for the link to Steph's posts which were incredibly informative. She seems like a force of nature and is very very impressive.

  2. Thank you for your insight on this Laura!! You are such a great example to me!! What a thought, not having to go to the store!! Wow!! Love it!!!

  3. Laurie--you are very welcome! I hope it helps you figure it out

    Nicole, I love not HAVING to go to the store, makes it nicer if I do!


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