Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: a day in the life of 20 pounds of pickling cucumbers


a day in the life of 20 pounds of pickling cucumbers

or the alternate title: What to do with 20 pounds of pickling cucumbers. Either way it sounds a bit daunting, yes? Well hell looking at the box it is a bit daunting, that's a lot of cucumbers. Right about 4 gallons of them. 4 gallons if you don't happen to drop a gallon jar of boiling water in the sink and fling broken glass all over the freshly washed cucumbers. And if you do it's about 3 1/2 gallons of cucumbers. Still a lot to look at.
My goal was to make good old fashioned dill pickles with all the cucumbers I got from Azure Standard, the organic food company I've been buying from. I did make pickles or got them started and they won't be done until I get back from BlogHer Food in 2 weeks. GULP.
Ok that's a reality check in two weeks I'll be back, full of conference news, excitement and most probably with a vicious food hangover. And right in to my favorite time of year. I love this time of year, it's so beautiful and final. Summer really is over, the food is put away, it's time to craft, and plan for next year's garden. The slow down of winter is wonderful with longer nights, we all sleep better and I, for one, don't feel guilty about sitting down to relax. Yes, I'm a freak, haven't we gone over this before?

My little pickling cucumbers had a big day, that ended in salty acidic bath snuggled up against some dill. Mmmmm what a way to go. HA! I still have bucket of them in the fridge and thought I might bake them, a la Julia Child. I don't know it sounds interesting to bake cucumbers don't you think? Or perhaps I'll slice them thin and make spring rolls or sushi, which thanks to my good friend Steph I am now craving. Or maybe some other type of pickle, I don't know. Here's the recipe for the pickles I made tonight. I'm giving you the quart recipe, double it or half it as needed.

Dill Pickles
1 sterilized quart jar with ring and new flat lid-wash well, fill with boiling water and set aside
1 quart of small or pickling cucumbers
1 garlic clove, minced
2-3 sprigs of dill
2 1/2 TBSP pickling salt
1cup 5% acidity vinegar

wash the cucumbers well
empty the sterilized jar
pack the cucumbers in the quart jar
add the garlic and dill
sprinkle the salt over the cucumbers
fill half way with drinking water-no fancy water needed
add the one cup vinegar
top off with water if needed
set in a warm spot
they will begin to bubble and ferment
when this action has stopped they are ready to eat

You can keep them in the fridge from now on but I'm guessing you won't have them around too long. Mine will be sucked down, in fact Union asked for them in his lunch. He has no idea how long 2 weeks is.

My post yesterday. Totally from the heart, very painful to write and also very good for me to write. I needed to say those things to get them out of my head. I think sometimes it's why I write, it helps me purge the spinning thoughts in my head. I did find out that I have some really great friends, who love me even if they've never met me. Even if I'm fat. And pretty great sister too. Thanks. Now I have to go pick broken glass out of the drain. Oh what a glamorous life!

As a side note-I ran spell check-the only I spelled wrong every time? Yep cucmbers cucumbers ccumbers cucumbers. Cucumbers. Cucumbers.

Peace and Love--


  1. Yum yum yum on the pickles!

    I am off to read yesterdays post. I was busy with Project Food Blog stuff last night and missed my evening blog reading :o/

  2. Baked cucumbers are surprisingly good, you'd be surprised. As for all that pickling, WOW!


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