Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: I've been sick please send dog food


I've been sick please send dog food

It seems we have a new er used dog, because the best things in life are second hand, right? I've been looking sporadically (read every five minutes) on Craigslist for a dog. I know I know I said I wouldn't get one until next summer because who wants to train a dog in the winter and blah blah blah. Yeah. SO anyway I've been looking and found the perfect dog except the lady who owned him never called when she said she would. I took that as "this is not the dog for you and move along" so we did. Then we found a little lab weimeraner mix who were assured didn't in fact chase chickens and hardly ever chewed anything.
HA! wrong and wrong. Not only did she chase our birds but she chased OFF our geese who still haven't forgiven us and come home. And that bit about chewing? We knew we were in trouble when in the car on the way home she chewed up a pinwheel and a receipt. And the seat belt.  And someones rubber boot. After the bird chasing debacle we knew her time with us was short. Her original owners were done with her but at our house she would constantly be chastised for be what she really is, a bird dog. It's a hard situation to be in, we don't want to keep a dog and constantly be on her for her natural talents. Then the owner of the original dog we were interested in called.

Turns out she'd had an emergency up north to deal with and called as soon as she got back to town. I told her we had adopted this lovely little bird chaser and but really we needed a non-bird dog, preferably a lab. And she laughed. "Boy Have I got the dog for you" she said. She continued to explain how her husband rescues labs and trains them as bird dogs to give to wounded vets. Except he'd lost his bird dog earlier and was looking to replace it and they had called about the weimeraner right before they called us. They were in possession of a rescued lab who didn't chase birds and was just not interested in birds but was an absolute darling dog.

Hearing about him I got chills. Would we like to meet said wonder dog? Oh HECK yeah, especially if the bird dog gets to go be a bird dog and the NON bird dog gets to grow old fat and lazy with us. She brought him over and we were hooked. An immediate attachment. The boys who liked the bird chaser, fell in love with non-bird dog. So when it was time for the lab rescue lady to go she simply opened her door told the bird dog to load up and we held on to the non bird dog and she drove off. I called to check up on the bird dog and she said her husband was already training her and they too, were in love. A perfect if not tangled ending to the "looking for the dog" saga.
Now I present to you wonder dog:
in profile

firing off rockets
notice the studded collar? yeah we call that the definition of ironic

playing in the field

begging for s'mores

looking slightly maniacal 'going for a ride'

and random gorgeous fall shot, because summer just got here and now it's time for snow!

I have been sick, but really we don't need dog food. OK maybe we do but we don't really need you to send it. The sickness is terrible. I slept about 32 hours out of 36. Wow. I'm not sure what I had/have but it was an energy suck big time. I'm here but I'm not really, if you know what I mean.

Peace and Love--


  1. Ahhh it lost my comment and I'm on the iPod touch so it hurts more.

    I love the story and the new pup. I grew up with a huge black lab. Sorry to hear you were sick! Would it make you feel better if I told you I noticed your absence? B/c I did! Hope you feel 100% soon!

  2. And! Take care of yourself, wonderwoman! (that's what I call you in my head...lol)

  3. Beautiful dog - and a perfect, happy ending for everyone!

  4. Ah...love the dog. He looks just like our black lab. Gotta love this breed, they'd do anything for ya, no matter how crabby you get! (or sick...)

  5. I'm really glad it worked out for you regarding both dogs! Its an ending that almost seems like a fairy tale but I'm glad it is real life. You must feel relieved and ecstatic! I hope you get well soon so your body can catch up and let you spend time with the new dog.

    Does summer only last 1 week in Alaska?

  6. I'm a sucker for a good dog story and this is a good dog story!

    Get well, get well soon! We wish you to get well! (I'm a Seinfeld fan.) :)

  7. Hey, Laura! Email me [LLD61(at)hotmail(dot)com] your mailing address and I'll send you and your kids a box of chestnuts to roast.

  8. What an adorable pup!!!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  9. I love a good dog story and that is an awesome one. It reminds me of the stories in the book Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul - you should send them this story. The first part of your story reminds me of when a friend of ours asked us to dog sit his puppy for a few days. He said she was "pretty much" housebroken which actually translated to "almost" housebroken and he said she "hardly ever" chewed things which translated to "she won't chew things if she can't get to them". But all was not so bad as our Boxer fell in love with her and thought she was his very own baby and just watching him look after her was worth any inconvenience.
    Get well soon!

  10. Sorry to hear about you being sick. When I was sick, it completely knocked me on my butt for about 10 days. Yes, I KNOW how you're feeling and I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Your wonder dog is beautiful. You were made for eachother. Is is a he or a she? What's it's name?


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