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Taking Care of Busniess

I need to get a few things done around here, which coincidentally is how I spent my day here at home too. I realized with pleasure that next week I'll be in San Francisco (at The Mosser-gorgeous hotel!) 

and my husband will be here at home, with kids and our house was feeling really cluttered and dirty. It was cluttered and dirty but only from a summer of putting things off until it gets cold or dark or both. I had'nt scrubbed a shower decently in who knows how many months, MONTHS. Yech. So I got down to business and deep cleaned the bathroom, gutted the pantry, vacuumed places that never see the light of day, dusted, got rid of a couple of sliding crap piles, washed the wall under the counter where the stools are (gross!!), washed rugs and the shower curtain. I didn't stop until I went to the chiropractor because I have a couple of ribs giving me trouble.

Maybe I should have stopped to rest my back but it felt SO good to get all those little things done. I did sit down with ice and then heat and then realized I had a lot of little things to take care of here. So here I am taking care of business blogger style.
First up the winner of the canning giveaway never responded or replied or commented so I decided to draw a new winner. The New winner is:

Next up the Brillo giveaway. I let this one ride because I really wanted a good name suggestion for the cat but in the end it was up to me to find the name to suggest to my husband. We went with Agate but have been calling her Agatha, which I love! The Brillo winner and one I am very jealous of is:

Monica H said...
I have tried Brillo recently and I love them! I just assumed that my sheet pans would be forever stained, but they're like brand new again. I need to clean my cupcake pan, cause the non-stick spray burns onto the metal and you can't get it off! Love this product.

Then lets move on to the cob oven. No I did not make the dragon bread in it. I have made bread or attempted to make bread in it. It is a learning curve what with cooking in an 800˚ oven and trying not to instantly incinerate the bread. Here is a photo of my first loaf:

not bad, it was charred on one side and raw on the inside though
And then I finally got a photo of the pickles in their brine. This is the one gallon jar and I have 2 more gallons in a bucket on the counter.

mmmm cleaning house and cleaning blog are very good for the soul.

And we have wind. Did I tell you about the wind last week? Well real quick we had 80 mph gusts, hurricane force except up here we just call it 'wind'. Then I got sick, like fever, leg cramp grumpy sick. Then the power went out, for 40 hours. My husband was gone and our power was out for 40 hours. My freezers full of salmon? Melting!! I saved them by buying dry ice and sticking it here or there in the freezer, I didn't lose anything. Oh except for the 2 gallons of raw milk in the fridge that went bad. Then lets see I'm home sick in bed with two freaked out kids, a dog, a cat and 20 something birds and the wind is sucking parts of the house off that aren't nailed down. And I can't find the flashlight, we don't have enough water stored, all our food is 'real' food and not ready to eat food, the kids are finally down sleeping with battery operated tea lights on the bed stands. I'm sleeping fitfully listening to the wind batter our poor trees when the house starts really shaking, the bed lurches, this old house creaks and groans and I realize we are having an EARTHQUAKE. A little one only like 5.5 or so, in the pitch black, alone and thirsty, a rockin' and rollin' earthquake. Guess I'm a LOT stronger now hunh? Because you know whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?


one more shot of the dog in armor
Peace and Love-


  1. Oh. My. I am so out of date with you here. Have a GREAT time next week, and so glad this past week is over for you! I'm jealous I won't be there.

    Love the pickles - and the bread. btw my new project is that 5 minute artisan bread. I LOVE it. LOVE it. Have you ever tried it?

  2. Oh crap, sounds bad... yes stronger and still alive... Have fun in SF...

  3. Thank you for the Brillo giveaway. I'm sure you have my address somewhere but I'll forward it to you again so you don't have to look it up. Thanks again!

    Hurrican winds and an earthquake in Alaska? That's nutty! But I'm glad you guys are safe...and stronger :-)

    Agatha- love it!


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