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Thrifted Sunday: A Thrifted Party

We try pretty hard not to brand our kids, they never have the newest movie logo on their clothes, their shoes sadly don't light up, and their winter gear is boringly warm and snug. Not that their style is lacking:

they choose their own clothes and in this case both outfits are from thrift stores. They have a few branded shirts, a Dukes of Hazard sweatshirt from 1979 and a sweet spidey pajama set with net under the arms come to mind. We kind of feel like they don't need mainstream media or corporate machines to define them, we let them be who they are, mostly. And that works for us, they wear things that speak to them and they don't look like everybody else. I love it, we love it.

For kids parties there are themes pre-packaged "you'll get this and like it" easy to do parties. Not for us, we don't watch tv with the exception of Friday night movie night. Our cable? Goes to a modem. So those themes don't do it. Last year we had a knights party, my husband sewed surcoats, we ate manly stew they went from pages to squires to knights after completing feats of knighthood. Our littlest boy wanted a Titanic party last year and when I asked him to pick a happier theme he said ok a Bismarck(biggest Nazi warship)...We settled on an aircraft carrier party. We made paper airplanes, foam airplanes played, had a treasure hunt and had cake. This year we had no theme, he changed his mind every day hour to hour so I decided the theme would be a wild boys party.

So easy. They had to cook their own lunch over a fire, then cook s'mores. They made boffer swords and decorated them with colored duct tape. Had a huge sword fight melee in the yard. The required treasure map to follow and plenty of sugar and red dye. We made invites by coloring pictures on big(thrifted) pieces of old fashioned thick construction paper. I had wrote each little invite blurb, made each one different so I didn't have to follow a set script, that made it easy. I also used this sweet Pilot FriXion pen I got from She Speaks and Pilot, it erases which is perfect for me because I have a tendency to write li  ke t hi    s. They really do erase and they work great! I warned each boy to come ready to get beat up and dirty and also invited them to wear a costume. These were rolled and tied and hand delivered.

The cake was simple really, made in a loaf pan, the top was cut off then propped 'open' with a bookend. Then I frosted it and added broken cinnamon sticks as trim. I filled it with an awful amount of candy money and jewels.

The swords did cost us money but considering we didn't buy any packaged kits of themed stuff and  the kids came out with a toy they can get in serious trouble with play with we think it's a worthy investment. The are made with small pvc pipe, pipe insulation and duct tape. My husband made these in two nights of a couple ours each. Then the boys customized with colored tape. We have lots of pieces leftover to make more too. We love these swords and keep a handy supply around to beat our kids with, they love it.

The only 'game' we had was to follow a map to find a treasure which was a basket full of thrifted treasures. I think I spent about 5 dollars total and the box had about 30 small things in it. From punching balloons to cookie cutters, books to noise makers they were mostly leftovers of others people's parties. I did make sure anything they put their mouths on were from OUR stash of party goods cause that would be WRONG! I read the book Paul Bunyan and every time I said Paul or Paul Bunyan the basket was slid to the next person and they picked a treasure. It was a great way to use up small amounts of goodies and let them pick something they really wanted. AND everybody got a good book!

We had a roaring fire outside, the kids were dirty, stinky, wet from rain and beat up. It was proclaimed by some to be the BEST party. I think is was a fun and thrifty success, look at these boys:

they had a great time. We did too.

I'm adding this link to Southern Hospitality and will add it to Apron Thrift Girl tomorrow, two of my favorite sites for thrifty nifty treasures!

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  1. That sounds like a fun party. I am like you. Make do with what you have. Thanks for being thrifty. So important, especially now days.

  2. I absolutely love it Laura!! Will you be my mommy?

  3. Looks like the party was a screaming success....and i love the cake idea!!
    so cute......and jack looks like he was also having the time of his life......thanks for sharing!! oxoxo mary beth

  4. that is a fun party for sure.. love the cake..

  5. Sounds like an awesome party! I think it's great to teach your kids that you can have fun without having to spend a ton of money on certain "themes". We had a luau last year and a lot of the decorations were made and we even made our own pinatas. They've already picked out next years theme. Rock n roll. They are making "record decorations" and other stuff that will be handmade, not bought. I can't wait to see what kind of pinatas they come up with!

  6. Creative parties like the ones you shared are the best! I think the kiddos enjoy them so much more than a canned party and you aren't limited on a theme. Sounds like everyone had a great time ... Yay for you, Mom! :o)

  7. I love your sons' outfits!

    Oh and I forgot to say before that I thought the cinnamon sticks on the cake were TRES clever! Good job!

    Thanks for sharing with Friday Firsts!


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